Levine, DC 37 And Park Advocates Hail Investments In Park Workers In City Budget

mark levine 2Today, Parks Committee Chair Harlem’s Mark Levine announced the City Council will allocate $9.6 million in the city budget to save the jobs of 150 park maintenance workers and gardeners. These workers are critical to supporting healthy parks across the five boroughs and advancing the Park Equity Agenda, aimed at strengthening parks in low-to moderate- income neighborhoods that have been long neglected. The funding provided by the City Council was hailed by park advocates and DC 37, who were vocal supporters for saving these jobs in this year’s budget.

“These 150 gardeners and maintenance workers are essential to the upkeep of our city’s greenspaces, especially now as the peak summer season is upon us,” said Council Member Mark Levine, Chair of the Parks Committee. “For the sake of 150 New York families–and for the good of our parks–I am thrilled that the City Council was able to retain this positions.”

“We are very pleased that the City Council has continued to support these 150 city park workers and gardeners. These staff members play essential roles in maintaining parks in low-income communities. With the continued funding of these positions the city can keep working toward its important goal of making a more equitable park system,” said Tupper Thomas, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Parks.

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