Legendary Soul Train Dancer And Harlem Resident Tyrone “The Bone” Proctor Passes Away

It has been a tearful few days for the Soul Train community following the Saturday, June 6, 2020, the announcement that legendary Soul Train dancer and Harlem resident Tyrone “The Bone” Proctor, the Waack Doctor has passed away.

Jeffrey Daniel, who referred to Tyrone as his brother in dance, love, and life, shared the news in a Facebook post.

Daniel remembered his friend who touched the lives of many around the world with his incredible talent and sense of humor.

“I pegged the name of Waacking because the way he taught it to us telling us; You Gotta Wack that head, you gotta wack those arms to the beat!!,” Daniel said looking back on how he nicknamed the trademark choreography.

As one of the last living trailblazers of the ‘70s dance craze, Proctor was chosen by Don Cornelius to perform in the Don Cornelius & The Soul Train Gang Presents stadium tour in 1973 reports source.

Globally known for teaching Waacking dancing, Proctor became the pioneer for the signature dance moves in Japan, China, clubs and the famous Soul Train.

Tyrone led the choreography in music videos for Dane Levert, Keith Sweat, The Isley Brothers, and more. Nominated for Best Choreographer with New Kids On The Block in 1989 at the MTV Awards, Tyrone was a staple in the dance community.

Spreading the history of his recognizable “Waacking” moves, he was featured in the VH1 Documentary Soul Train, The Hippest Trip in America.

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