Legendary Black Orpheus And Other Films Virtual At The Films On The Green In NYC

Get ready for the 2021 Films on the Green festival, a free French film festival taking place in New York City parks and online this July. After a long year apart, this year’s festival will emphasize our connection to the rest of the world through the theme of “Music and Cinema.”

Beginning on July 9th, 2021, this thirteenth edition will illustrate the diversity of French and Francophone cinema and feature movies from Tunisia, Japan, Brazil, and Spain.

The Festival will also shine a light on strong female portraits played by stunning actresses and, of course, musicians!

New this year is our ability to offer online showings of each movie on the French Embassy’s virtual film screening platform, which you can find a link to here: https://e-cinema.the25hour.us/cinema/1.

Anyone within a thirty-mile radius of New York City will be able to connect and watch at home free of charge!

To that end, we hope to make this thirteenth edition of Films on the Green more inclusive and accessible to all.

Our pick might be Black Orpheus on Friday, July 30, 2021, Riverside Park, Pier 1: Black Orpheus. The film is directed by Marcel Camus with Music by Breno Mello, Marpessa Dawn, and Lourdes de Oliveira

Below are the films which we will be screening for free in New York City parks this July.

To see our complete lineup from Riverside to Houston, you can check out here: https://simplebooklet.com/filmsonthegreen2021.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/filmsonthegreen

Photo credit: Lourdes de Oliveira.

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