Legal Advice: How To Properly File A Workers’ Compensation Claim

September 8, 2021

Knowing your rights and duties is always a step towards the right action. We are all prone to falling into tough situations that may or may not be a result of a mistake we made. If you suffer from an injury at work or get sick due to something that is work-related, then it is your legal right to file a compensation claim. Knowing beforehand what to do and having a plan decreases the sense of being overwhelmed. Most of us end up losing battles just because we did not have enough time to think our actions through. We will provide you here with some tips that can help you with filing your claim and go through what will happen if you injure yourself step by step.

1. Ask Your Colleagues To For Help

The first thing you should do is ask your colleagues to help you. Their help will not be limited to just making sure that you are physically fine, although that is definitely a priority. They will also take pictures of the injury place with your mobile and be witnesses to the whole incident. Your colleagues should take pictures using your mobile phone and not theirs to have quick access to the pictures. The last thing you need is to wait for someone to send you pictures that can strengthen your legal position. 

2. Contact Your Lawyer

Waiting for when you need a lawyer to start hunting for one might not be the best idea. It is better that you have a professional lawyer in mind to go to in the time of need. That goes for many things, not just compensation claims. Considering that you got injured at work in Charleston and you are looking for a lawyer to go to, then a compassionate Charleston, SC workers’ compensation lawyer should be on your list because a specialized attorney can provide guidance on how you will obtain the appropriate workers’ compensation benefits. When things are dealt with by people with relevant experience in the field, you will worry less and dedicate more time to recover. Give a copy of the pictures your colleagues helped you with and the medical reports to your lawyer. This will be part of their defense and asking for compensation. A lawyer will also help you know the amount of money you should be asking for; most of us do not know how much to ask for when asking for any compensation.

3. Seek Medical Help

Go to the nearest hospital to get professionally diagnosed and looked after. Even if the injury looked small, you should get it checked at a medical institution. The medical report you get will be very useful in proving that you were hurt and that you are entitled to compensation. There might be some colleagues who are familiar with first aid; if there are any, let them help you go to the hospital. However, if your workplace has a medical department that can help if there is bleeding or if you are unable to move, you should have them look at you first. You can then ask them to prepare an official report for you.

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4. Do Not Share On Social Media

Sharing the details of your incident on social media and posting pictures might not be a wise move. In case you post on social media right after your injury, for example, your employer can use this fact as proof that you were fine and not even in pain. Remember that when things have to go to court and money has to be paid, your employer might do anything to prove that your injury is not worth the hassle.

5. Keep A Copy Of All Related Documents

To prove anything in court, you have to provide evidence. Properly store every document that can help you and make things easier for you in your time of need.

Wherever you are, you have to be careful and cautious for your own safety or that of others around you. Part of being cautious is seeing the catastrophe before it happens. In order to do that, you have to keep your eyes open for any hazardous places. Report to your seniors if you think that a certain place at work is not safe enough for you or your colleagues to work in. That being said, many of us find ourselves suffering because of no fault of our own. In cases like these, we should seek professional legal help to get the compensation we deserve. Money, of course, is not the equivalent of the pain someone who is injured might feel. However, you should not be paying for medical care when things are not caused by any negligence on your side.

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