Lauren Kelley New Director And Chief Curator Of The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum

The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum in Harlem has just announced the appointment of Lauren Kelley as Director and Chief Curator, effective immediately. As uptown’s only children’s museum, the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum has served more than 22,000 visitors in its first 18 months and is rooted in the belief that social and economic transformation is possible through immersive engagement in the arts.

“I look forward to more ambitiously celebrating the cultural heritage of Sugar Hill and advancing the social justice mission of Broadway Housing Communities. The need to dilate imaginations (art) and perspectives (storytelling) has always been critical to ensuring societal health, but this is especially true now, in our community’s and our nation’s narrative,” said Lauren Kelley.

In addition, Kelley is an accomplished artist in her own right who views the transformative properties of art among young children from different socio-demographics in Harlem and Northern Manhattan as powerful. Her goal of the Museum is to promote civic engagement and social responsibility among their youngest visitors.

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