King Of Gemstone: The Magnificence Of The Ruby From Harlem To Harare

December 28, 2021

The magnificence and captivating beauty of ruby make it a favored gemstone for many. In fact, this stone is rightly called as the king of gems in many cultures.

What makes it special is its charm and fiery powers that can give you passion, prosperity, and protection.

The stone symbolizes the planet’s sun and its glowing hue represents an inextinguishable flame that glows bright and can shine through any darkness. After diamonds, ruby is the hardest gemstone that can be available in vivid shades of red ranging from rich dark to pigeon blood and pinkish-red colors.

For centuries, this gemstone has fascinated the royals and has been used in many ancient jewels across the world. Ruby is rare and priceless due to its unique luster and strong metaphysical properties. In Sanskrit, it is rightly called the Ratnaraj, meaning the king of all gems.

What Makes Ruby the King of Gemstones?

The blood-like color of the ruby stone reflects its association with life-sustaining energies. In ancient Burmese culture, this stone was strongly associated with the soldiers as it was believed to make them invulnerable in battles.

Many legends describe ruby or Manik as a talisman for protection in battlefields or against disasters. The kings believed in its symbolism to glory, status, and power. No wonder rubies were commonly found encrusted in swords and crowns.

Emits Vibrant Energies

Even in the modern context, rubies are strong gemstones with unique metaphysical abilities. The stone emits pure red rays that can lend you immense power and strength. Rubies can increase vitality by stimulating the base chakra and awakening the chi, the strong life force.

This gemstone is highly valuable due to its rarity and limited availability. The best varieties can fetch thousands of dollars per carat in international markets. Fewer gems can compete with the regal and revered position held by astounding rubies.

A Classy Gemstone

In the precious colored gemstone category, ruby shares its prominent position with the likes of sapphire and emerald. All these gemstones cut a classy picture beyond the traditional colored stones. They are enigmatic and stunning with mystical powers and unearthly auras.

Though they are second to diamonds in hardness rating, but rubies are 300 times rarer than an iconic diamond. It is a family heirloom that passes from generation to generation, making it even more valuable.

From royal highnesses to Hollywood celebrities, this stone has fascinated women from every walk of life.

Magnificent Inner Glow

Ruby is one of the rare gemstones that seem to glow from the inside. The stone is believed to have an inner fire that can bring the water to boil. It is hard to hide, as ruby can shine through any barrier and reveal its astonishing shine. Folklores describing rubies emitting their light and shining like a torch are common in many civilizations.

Brings Success

Ruby or Manik can often be described as a stone of success for its wearer. The beauty and reputation of this gemstone precede it wherever it goes. Whether you want to improve your financial status, stay protected against harm, or succeed over your rivals, ruby is the stone that makes it possible.

Banishes Fear

The intense red energies of ruby stone promote heightened awareness and a courageous mind. But, above all, this stone can banish the fear and nightmares from your life. It can keep the evils and paranormal stuff away from you and guard you against psychic attacks.

Rubies can be fiercely protective and shield your home from intruders. When you need to stay safe and feel protected, wear a ruby ring or any other jewel during the night when you step out.

Heals Emotionally

When you’re hurt emotionally, it can be difficult to look beyond your trauma and feel positive. That’s where rubies can help you heal. The stone offers strength to rise above your sorrow, instead of dwelling on suffering, pain, and distress. This gemstone promotes positivity by bringing out your strength and protecting your character from outside attacks.

If you have a sensitive nature and feel it hard to express yourself, ruby can help you overcome your insecurities and empower you to stay grounded. It removes destructive emotions and develops a loving attitude toward life.

Awakens Chakras

When the life force flows throughout your body, it flushes out the toxins, negative thoughts, and evils from your system. You will feel capable of manifesting your desires through activated kundalini energy. All this happens due to a stimulated base chakra. This chakra controls your kinesthetic energy and lays the foundation of strong body and mind.

When you feel lethargic, ruby can pump energy in your veins. Similarly, when your spiritual energies are imbalanced, you may feel disjointed and distant from your own self. However, ruby can bring these energies in balance and help your body regain its stamina.

The stone can also rekindle your spiritual energies to help you overcome any obstacles in the path and feel completely independent.

Heals Physically

Since ruby is the bloodstone, it can strengthen your heart and stimulate better blood flow. When you struggle with any cardiac ailment, wearing ruby can aid in faster healing.

The stone also reduces menstrual pain and improves fertility. It is considered an exceptional support stone for pregnant women, especially in their older years. From detoxifying your blood to treating infections and fevers, ruby can be your perfect companion for a healthy life.

Unmatched Beauty

The first thing that charms onlookers is the astonishing beauty of ruby stone. With its vivid hue and bright tone, it is a sight to behold. The pure deep and rich red color of rubies without any blemishes makes it a phenomenon in aesthetic value.

You need to choose an eye-clean stone available at reasonable prices from a store like GemPundit to showcase your excellent taste. These stones are available with a free gem certificate proving their authenticity and natural properties.

Buy them as loose stones or invest in a timeless piece of ruby jewelry to make it the envy of others. Choose your stone wisely according to your birth charts to avail of its numerous benefits and feel like the king.

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