“In Harlem Lane” In Harlem New York 1700’s

harlem ny 1700 final

A rare pen and Ink drawing by Archibald Robertson titled “In Harlem Lane” Harlem, New York, when this pen and ink drawing was executed in the 1700’s Harlem was lush rural farmland.Archibald Robertson was a Scottish born painter who operated the Columbian Academy of Painting in New York with his brother Alexander.

The Kimmel Tavern at left in the drawing and once stood was in the middle of this busy corner of present St. Nicholas Avenue and 120th Street.Harlem Lane was a very busy Lane, one of Harlem most popular hotel’s, Harry Bertholfs Hotel Roadhouse further uptown around 147th Street and Harlem Lane during the late 1870’s.

Centuries later in the 19th century “the old road Harlem Lane” would serve as a popular racecourse for horse-drawn carriages.

Via author Gloria Waldron Hukle

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