Kill Boredom By Playing These Fun-Filled Family Games During This Lockdown

June 13, 2020

By Bretton Love

Since the implementation of lockdown due to the current pandemic, families, and couples are advised to stay indoors.

While most of us understand the reason for such measures, we can’t deny that staying inside for an extended period could be annoying.

Trying to adjust to this so-called “New Normal” era, there is no better time than now to play classic games with your household members. This time is our chance to opt for classic icebreaker games that will let your relatives a time off from gadgets and isolation. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of games for family bonding and enjoyment.

Alternative Games for Kids

Kids love playing outdoors. But because of the pandemic, they can’t freely roam outside as they used to. Fortunately, You can get creative by transforming typical household items into some new family fun.


Hopscotch is a classic outdoor game that kids can play even indoors by using chalk to draw the course and rocks to serve as markers. Since we don’t allow our kids to play outside yet, we can make our own indoor Hopscotch game by using any tape to draw the course as well as bottle caps for markers.

Blind Man’s Bluff

This game is an interesting version of tag as it comes with an extra mechanic which requires an indoor space and a blindfold.The game starts by letting the “It” wear a blindfold and try to catch other players, this makes the game interesting and forces the “It” to rely on noises made by other players.

Blind Man’s Bluff is highly recommended to be played indoors, so make sure there is an open space for kids to run into and away from obstructions and hazards they might run into.

Freeze Tag

Another version of tag players can play around the house is freeze tag. The rules of freeze tag are fairly simple, whoever gets tagged by the “it” freezes and stays on the same spot until another player touches you.

Red Light, Green Light

Red light, Green light is a game that can be easily played inside. All you need is a room, a small group of players on the far end of the room and one person as the traffic light on the opposite end.

When the traffic light faces the players and says “Red light”, everyone must freeze and when the traffic light turns his or her back and says “Green light” the players can now move towards the traffic light.

When the traffic light spots someone moving after facing them and saying “Red light” that player would have to go back to the starting point. The game goes on until someone tags the traffic light and reaches the end wins the game.
Timeless Classic Games
Nothing beats boredom than board games, and what better board game to choose from other than the classic Jenga and Monopoly games?  Bring out the best of being together with these board games.

Jenga is easy to learn and can be played by all ages. Kids can also develop excellent motor skills with this game by exercising control in moving the wood pieces without knocking the whole tower down. Through this, the game can improve the focus and remote skills of a developing child.

Meanwhile, Monopoly is a classic game for teens and young adults. It’s a balanced game of finance management and luck that could bring out the family’s competitive spirit. Everyone can get competitive in managing finances while kicking others out of the game by forcing them to go bankrupt.

Icebreaker Games

How do you know your grandparents well? Do you want to know your sibling’s secrets in a fun way? Then look up here for icebreaker games that encourage players to ask hard questions and improve your relationship with your relatives.

Never Have I Ever

If you have older and mature family relatives, knowing their secrets and embarrassing memories can be fun by playing this game. Gather everyone in a room and make sure that everyone can see each other. Each player holds up their fingers and should mention an instance or action they have never done.


Each time someone says something you have done before, you drop a finger, and whoever gets to have the most fingers up wins. This game lets you know more about people, be sure to state interesting questions. Keep in mind that there are no particular limitations for your Never-Have-I-Ever moments. It can range from the simplest to the most embarrassing memories.

Pass The Hoop

This game encourages teamwork and careful planning. Participants should form a circle by holding hands together. Once the group is formed, place a hula hoop inside the ring and instruct them to pass the hula hoop between them without breaking the circle until it returns to its starting position. Make this extra special by adding a timer or a particular consequence in case they fail.


This trying time is an opportunity to think of ways to kill boredom. With these games suggested, you can keep your family occupied and enjoy the lockdown together. Even more, you can also save money and keep them safe until the crisis is over. Stay safe, and have fun.

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