Kanter’s Department Store, Harlem, NY 1940’s

kanters in harlemKanter’s department store, whose slogan was “The Store with a Heart, in the Heart of Harlem.” The president and owner of Kanter’s was Nathaniel Kanter, this photo was taken of the store on June, 1943, the address was 147st West 125th Street in Harlem.Here’s an advertisement we found from The New York Age from the Kanter’s “Help Harlem’s 1950 Charity Fund”:

Mr. Kanter was pretty busy in Harlem for a 1943 Cancer drive to effect over 1 million people in and out of Harlem:

The editorial talks about the campaign and the sponsors like Jack Blumstein at Blumstein’s Department Store, the Empires Savings Bank, Manufacturing Trust Company, and Kanter’s.

Do you know anymore of the history regarding Kanter’s In Harlem?

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