Joint Statement On Air Quality From Council Member Levine and State Senator Espaillat

adrain and mark in harlemIn a joint statement below from Harlem council member Mark Levine and State Senator Adriano Espaillat on the air quality test results at the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant.
“We have been in close contact with City and State officials, who assure us that the levels of formaldehyde detected pose no immediate risk to the public’s health and will not impact the park’s activities.We will continue to monitor the situation closely, verifying that follow-up tests are conducted in a timely and transparent manner, and that steps are taken to lower formaldehyde levels. Our offices will continue to work closely with the community and advocate for direct local oversight of the plant to ensure transparency. The City and State must work diligently together to ensure the upper Manhattan community is not negatively impacted in any way by the plant’s presence.

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