Join Silicon Harlem Conference 2017

What would it take for Upper Manhattan to serve as a model of “smart city” corridors of the future while providing a pipeline of fresh talent for 21st-century jobs? How will digital-first businesses thrive in the innovation economy? What is technology’s role in moving communities forward, as mobile and social solutions become pervasive in so many aspects of our lives? Where are the opportunities for meaningful cross-sector collaboration, with results that demonstrate sustainable and positive impacts on our communities?

On October 27, 2017, a diverse array of 250+ professionals from the private and public sectors, including technology, media, smart tech, content, civic services, branding, and inclusion, will convene at Silicon Harlem’s Next Gen Conference. We are joined by the CTO of NYC, Miguel Gamiño; CEO of Uncharted Play, Jessica O. Matthews; Borough President Gale Brewer; the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders that have embraced our 2017 theme “Community Forward”.

In a highly immersive and collaborative setting, we will discuss the untapped potential of urban markets such as NYC/Upper Manhattan–and how these corridors inevitably will be reshaped as technology investments, educational advancements, policies, dynamic programs and other new opportunities that take root in our communities.

Join in the conversation to share ideas, information, and tools needed to prepare for twenty-first-century opportunities in our city!

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