Joe Gears Releases ‘Bridges’ Album Tour Date in Harlem (video)

joe-new-album-bridges-us-tourGet ready ladies, Joe is preparing new tunes for your iPod player and audio system when he releases a new album titled Bridges that he will perform in Harlem this summer.

The R&B singer’s project drops June 23, listing production credits from Edrick Miles, Taj Jackson, Gerald Isaac, and Derek “DOA” Allen. Keeping up with the interactions between two people, which was displayed on “Love & Sex (Part 2)” featuring Kelly Rowland, the Georgia-native said Bridges is centered around relationships.

“We build them, cross them, burn them, then soon realize how much we need them. Relationships are bridges and at some point we must take responsibility for where we have allowed those relationships to take us,” the “I Wanna Know” the crooner said. “Most important, what relationships or bridges are we currently building, crossing into or burning?”

Joe U.S. tour starts this month, with a concert Harlem, New York on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014.

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