Japanese Handcrafted Cedar Tray

The Kurikyu tray for soba noodles is what you need to enjoy Japanese cold noodles the same way as in a high end soba restaurant.

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It is made of one sheet of Japanese cedar bentwood and the two ends have been fixed with solid and beautiful dark cherry bark. The upper part is made of bamboo straps bound together as a sieve for the noodles. Japanese Odate Bentwood work is made of Japanese cedar cut into very thin slices.

The wood is cooked in boiling water until it becomes flexible so that it can be bended into various shapes. The end pieces of the bentwood are fixed together with dark cherry bark, which not only makes a nice dark accent on the light wood but also creates a durable and natural bond.

Kurikyu Bentwood is known for its high quality Bentwood work typical for the city of Odate in northern Japan.

The company is run by Shunji Kurimori who represents the sixth generation of proprietors. He received many awards for his craft and also exhibited in many countries outside of Japan.

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