It’s Feminism In The #MeToo Era At The Artist Outpost Gallery In Harlem

Introducing The Artist Outpost, a multipurpose, 2000-square ft. duplex, showcasing curated up-and-coming designers on the top floor boutique, and collective shows in the downstairs gallery. The design caters to those who crave a unique space, and the hidden gem of East Harlem is located on a picturesque cobblestone street, enchanting viewers as they experience it. The main objective for the May 16th, 2019, show titled, “Erotic Feminism in the Me Too Era,” is to bring together women in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere so that they can gain strength from unity. This show will represent what the #MeToo movement means to each individual artist.

The word “erotic” is left to interpretation and not meant to be used as the traditional definition, associated with nudity and sexual nature. For this show, the artists used the title to signify their view of what eroticism means. The show encompasses the challenges women have faced and are currently facing in “Me Too Era,” giving women a voice and an outlet, after suffering through decades of lower wages vs. male colleagues, lower job titles/rankings in the workplace, and a general inequality in the roles of standard society, being subjected to treatment as sexual objects. The show will feature 10 artists from around the world. The artwork will be showcased through different forms of expression, ranging from photography to oil paintings, and skateboard art, with one designer who creates one-of-a-kind pieces of art in wearable form. This show will not be a traditional gallery opening, but a lifestyle event for people to socialize, view art, shop upstairs in the upscale boutique featuring a wide range of products from organic skincare, to one-of-a-kind clothing and handmade jewelry. The show is curated by Michela Tebano/Owner of The Artist Outpost Gallery + Boutique & Stacey Van Gorder Leung.

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“The neighborhood has an element to it that represents old school New York when people really connected on that community level. Pleasant Avenue has a lot of history to it. My building was used in a scene of the Godfather. The area is aesthetically very much the same as it was 40 years ago. The neighborhood was lacking in shopping. My goal was to bring in a space that would not only be a place for people to shop for unique products, but to also create an event space and gallery that unites the arts and culture in an untouched pocket of Upper Manhattan.”

The Artist Outpost is unique because while it is a gallery that will feature a variety of artists in different themed shows 1-2 times a month, it is also a social gathering space that hosts a rare boutique upstairs to give customers experience different than any other located in NYC. No other gallery in NYC allows a chance to view and purchase artwork by talented artists, while also shopping and networking with like-minded individuals in a state-of-the-art, luxury atmosphere. The Artist Outpost will also be hosting weekend events in the warmer months starting in June 2019. There will be live music with DJ’s and Performers, as well as different pop-up vendors curated to match the theme of the gallery for that month.

Michela Tebano is the owner of the new luxury boutique, The Artist Outpost in East Harlem. She is passionate about art, fashion, culture, and supporting the local uptown community. Michela began her fashion career at FIT and later landed her first job in sales at one of the most prestigious showrooms in NYC. Soon after, she became a stylist to celebrity clientele before leaving fashion to focus on her career in the field of acupuncture. Since childhood, Michela dreamed of opening a boutique like The Artist Outpost — a one-of-a-kind space to shop, but also to host collaborative events for artists and brands, allowing them to connect and share their amazing work and art.

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Opening May 16, 2019, 6-9 PM

Closing May 26, 2019, 12-5 PM

The Artist Outpost, 501 E. 118th Street (at Pleasant Avenue) East Harlem, NY 10035

Photo credit: 1) Unnamed, 2019. 2) FEM graphic, 2019.

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