Is There A Time Limit To Follow When You File A Claim Or Lawsuit?

October 20, 2021

Most people hope for the best in virtually every situation while making an effort to prepare for the worst.

 It’s a matter of human nature. In a perfect world, daily life would follow our hopes rather than taking unexpected turns. Of course, we’re all painfully aware that we don’t live in a perfect world. Things are bound to go wrong at times. No matter how well we try to prepare for problems, it’s just not possible to plan for all eventualities or keep our guards up all the time. 

When Things Take a Turn for the Worse

Sometimes, even stepping foot outside the house can make for a potentially dangerous scenario. You never know when you might slip on ice or wet concrete and sustain a serious injury. Falling objects can seemingly appear out of nowhere as you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Standard trips to the supermarket can unexpectedly cause even the most cautious of people to need a car accident lawyer due to other drivers’ negligence. Routine medical procedures may even lead to life-altering developments. 

Making Things Right When They Go Wrong

Many negative situations can bring about the need for legal assistance. When something goes seriously wrong, it’s important to take action to make sure a resolution is possible if the need arises. That’s the case whether you’re in a car accident, attacked by someone in your own home, injured at work, or a victim of any other type of negligence. No matter what type of injury or loss you might suffer, taking the right actions after the fact is crucial.

Getting medical care if needed should be a top priority. Even if you don’t think you’ve been injured in a crash, slip, and fall, or another incident, getting checked out by a physician is advised. Gathering contact information from witnesses to the incident is also recommended in case you need their statements later on. Consulting with a legal representative is a good idea as well. All those measures help set the stage for further action if push comes to shove. 

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Timing Can Be Crucial

In addition to all those considerations, acting in a timely manner is essential. Statutes of limitations apply in virtually all types of legal situations. That means there’s a limited amount of time during which you can file an insurance claim or lawsuit. These time limits vary by state and based on the type of issue at hand. For example, in some states, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years. In others, it’s only two years. If you’re trying to build a case against a government agency, you may only have a couple of months to do so successfully. 

Making Sure Time Is on Your Side

No matter what type of claim or lawsuit you may be filing, taking the necessary steps to turn the tables in your favor is critical. Receive emergency medical care and follow-up treatments if necessary, and be sure to have documentation of all those hospital and doctor visits. Take pictures of the scene of the incident if possible, and take down contact information for any potential witnesses. From there, be sure to file your claim as quickly as possible so as not to exceed possible statutes of limitations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a legal professional to further protect your best interests. 

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