Involved In A Car Accident? Here’s How To Prove You’re Not At Fault

Accidents happen every day, regardless of how careful we are on the road. Being involved in an accident is always devastating and can be worse if the blame falls on you.

In many incidents, either party always tries to blame the other on who caused the accident.

If you are not careful, even if it’s not you who caused it, the blame can easily fall on you. When the fault falls on you, it means your insurance company is taking care of the cost, and you’ll probably face a lawsuit. If you recently got messed in an accident and you’ll want to prove you’re not at fault, here are some tips.

1. Never Admit Liability

Even in insurance companies, the law always states that no one should admit liability in case of an accident. Please do not give in, saying you got involved. Have some proof to show that it’s the other driver who is at fault. This situation means you have to collect all the evidence and details to confirm that it is the other person who caused the accident and not you. If the police took records of the accident, you must copy and represent it to the insurance companies for review. Do not give any information that may link you directly with causing the accident.

2. Get a Competent Lawyer

Sometimes, we might have all the evidence and testimonials required to prove our innocence, but the other party can develop a strong defense that will prove they aren’t guilty. What do you do in such scenarios? The best way to prove yourself from accusations is to get a competent lawyer to protect and stand with you in court. A car accident lawyer has all the knowledge and skills to prove that you were not at fault, even if the evidence proves so. They have been in the industry for a long time, and they know how to gather evidence and witnesses to pull you through a mess. Through their investigations and connections, they can help you win the case effortlessly.

3. Gather the Required Evidence

When you get an accident, you have to gather all the evidence from the accident scene to prove that you weren’t at fault. Never wait to gather the evidence after the accident scene got cleared. If possible, collect all the necessary evidence and represent it to your lawyer for safekeeping. How do you gather the evidence? You can utilize a smartphone to take pictures and videos of the accident scene and record witnesses’ accounts regarding the accident. If possible, get the witness numbers to follow up. This evidence will help you a lot when it comes to filing for compensation.

4. Take Details of all Vehicles

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The impact of an accident can quickly tell who caused the accident. If on a highway and you got hit from the back, it will clearly show it’s the car behind you. Before the accident gets cleared, take pictures of your vehicle and the other vehicle involved in the accident. 

You should also put down details of the other driver’s license number, insurance details, car registration number, and other particulars to help you file for a suit. Ensure pictures are taken from all angles to provide a view on all sides. Ensure you record if any vehicle got out of its lane.

5. Keep Details

Your attorney may require all the details before and after the accident to know what happened and how they can file your compensation case. In most cases, the other party may try to tamper with the evidence or manipulate you to delete the evidence and settle the matter out of court. Never compromise the details for such. Keep your dashboard camera recording intact and check any violations from the other driver, including an expired license, drug abuse evidence, drunk driving, unready worthy vehicle, and other violations that may help you in a court of law. You can also dig out the past of the driver involved and see their accident records. Such information can help you develop strong evidence that will keep you out of fault.

You should always try as much to prove your innocence in case you got involved in an accident. At least that’s what every driver tries to do. Not following up with the situation can lead you to be victimized and forced to settle the accident’s claims. Ensure you get a competent lawyer who will take you through the process and one that will ensure you get cleared of fault. We hope the details in this article will help you immensely when you are involved in an accident.


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