An Incredible Night In Harlem With Harlem Playboy Dickie Wells, Billy Holiday And Tallualah Bankhead, 1940’s (Photograph)

Here’s a fabulously photograph of super star Harlem playboy Dickie Wells in a tux, Billy Holiday transfixed in a sequined dress and actress Tallualah Bankhead in pearls at Club Ebony in the 1940’s.

The suave, well dressed and spoken Dickie Wells, was the Harlem playboy of the 1920’s-1940s. Wells was loved by all from Harlem throughout Hollywood, Ava Gardner cried for days while Tallulah Bankhead collapsed and fainted. Billie Holiday was scheduled to perform at his funeral but was too distraught to do so.

Over 40,000 people (mostly crying women) attended his funeral service.

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