Importance Of The Problem Statement?

March 16, 2021

A problem statement is usually a solution statement for research proposal which explains the issue that addresses your project management initiative.

Generally, the present condition’s negative points are described in a problem statement and clarification of why that is important. It also acts as a suitable networking medium that helps people to get support and buy-in.

The problem statement is a comprehensive analysis of an issue to be dealt with or an improved condition. It highlights the gap from a process or product’s current state (problem) to the desired shape (target). The first requirement to solve a problem is to understand the issue by stating a problem.

The statement is objective and focuses solely on the facts, and rejects any subjective views.It’s advisable to ask when, who, why, and where to make your problem statement’s structure easier. The issue statement should be structured to resolve the Five W’s by concentrating on the details. That would also facilitate production and reading of the problem and enhance understanding of the problem and thus solvable. Apart from defining an urgent issue, the problem statement leads to a proposal for a prompt, elegant strategy.

Why is it important to write a problem statement?

Some several purposes and reasons are cooperated by writing a persuasive problem statement. A problem statement serves as a tool for communication. Harlem World Magazine considers that the problem statements are crucial in the context of projects aimed at improving companies, individuals, and other organizations.

Whether the issue is a serious road construction task or the logistics of an island-building project, the team usually uses a concise and precise problem statement to help define and understand the problem and establish viable approaches. These statements provide essential details pertaining to the decision-making process in connection with these projects.

Among every other problem’s most critical goal, the statement is to characterize the issue clearly and precisely being discussed. It aims to concentrate the efforts of the process management team and direct the project’s scope.

The problem statement is referred to as maintaining focus and ensure that the project team stays on target. It is re-evaluated at the conclusion of the project to ensure that the adopted solution addresses the problem. A distinct statement of problem can also help with root-cause research, which can help you figure out why the problem happened and what you can do to keep it from occurring again.

Significant parts of the Problem statement

A beaming question that a lot of student’s face is how to write a problem statement? A problem statement can consist of one or multiple paragraphs depending on the nature or objective of the explored problem. However, if you consider writing the statement a bit brief, then these four parts must be included in the problem statement.

Ideal: The first thing that should be considered in the problem statement is ideal, where you need to describe the goal or idle situation of the phenomenon you are investigating. You need to explain to you things that should be handled or secured. In this section, you can include the significance and importance of the research problem or phenomenon.

Reality: In this piece, you will need to write the situation’s fundamental truth or research. It would be best to highlight the negative aspects and identify the gaps through literature. You can also explain that how the current situation falls short of a goal or idea.

Consequence: Here, you need to identify the purpose of improving the situation, which has shortcomings, and moves it closer to the ideal situation or goal. In this section, you will mention the proposal to improve the current situation.

Proposal:  This portion is for describing possible solutions. The project team will begin providing solutions for solving the problem after the ideal, fact, and implications parts have been finished and approved. It will also provide consumer and stakeholder feedback, but further dialogue and analysis would be required before a clear plan of action can be decided.

According to Grace, a writer and Educational consultant at ResumeCroc, who provides Free resume review and helps many students get a job through resume writing and different guides like writing resume introduction and more.

Grace said: “Problem stamen is the key to success, which is important to define a project’s scope.”

How to write a problem statement

A problem statement is a method for gaining stakeholder and management consensus and acceptance for a project. As a result, it must be precise and well-written. The development of a problem statement is better accomplished in a small group. It’s beneficial to get a lot of people participating in the project and a process owner in operation. For better understanding it’s better to read some statement of the problem example. When writing a problem statement, there are a few essential components to consider that can help the project succeed.

  1. Classify how you want things to function.
  2. Discuss the situation and why it’s crucial.
  3. Describe the financial costs of your dilemma.
  4. Reserve your assertion with proof.
  5. Offer recommendations for a solution.
  6. Describe the advantages of your suggested approach.
  7. Finish by summarizing the issue and its solution.

Regarding this style would aid anyone who reads it in comprehending the issue and being prepared to consider the right approach.

About the Author. Ellie Cross is a content manager at who has helped students for a long time. She manages a growing team of great writers and content marketers who contribute to a great extent to help students with their academics.

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