HW Pick: Luxe Coffee Table Book Reveals Canada’s Identity

Canadian Pacific Creating A Brand Building A Nation

Thanks to Canadian political royalty Justin Trudeau’s sweeping victory in the recent federal election, Canada is making headlines around the world right now from Harlem to Harare for all the right reasons.

A gorgeous new full-colour, 384-page luxury coffee table book from leading design book publisher Callisto, Canadian Pacific: Creating A Brand, Building A Nation reveals the intriguing story of how commercial design united America’s friendly neighbor to the north politically – and created a visual identity for the Great White North that the world understands as “Canada” to this day.

From adventurous world travelers to potential immigrants considering a move to Canada, Canadian Pacific tells the important and unforgettable story of the impact a private corporation has had on a nation’s economic development and image – and will be a welcome addition to the bookcases, coffee tables, and cabins of history buffs, art lovers, and aesthetes alike.

Among the timely, intriguing and beautifully rendered topics Canadian Pacific explores include:

  • Beavers, Banff and propaganda: how commercial design helped a disparate, newly formed nation understand its place in the world and forge an identity
  • This is Canada: the romanticism and beauty of the images Canadian Pacific’s publicity department produced, and their immeasurable impact on the way Canada is perceived domestically and throughout the world
  • Immigration and colonization: Canadian Pacific’s little-known history of facilitating the process of coming to Canada for hundreds of thousands of citizens
  • The eminent artists behind Canadian Pacific’s publicity materials: why we cannot separate the interplay of commercial interest and high culture

The Premium Edition of Canadian Pacific: Creating A Brand, Building A Nation will be released in November 2015. The Premium Edition is a larger and technically more sophisticated version, packaged in a hand-crafted collector’s case with a wood veneer cover symbolizing the natural beauty of Canada, and containing additional images and Pantone colours and finishes.

Hardcover: 384 pages by Marc H. Choko / Author, M. C. Huhne / Editor$ 49.19

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