HW Pick: Join The Rally For Family Court Awareness For Men

men-holding-hands1The rally with parents and activists from across the tri-state area who will converge on on Times Square this Sunday, October 9th, 2016 in a major rally to protest fraud, waste and abuse by the family courts.

The aim of the demonstration is to shine light on a divorce industry that nets $60bn a year for judges, attorneys and their entourages, and tears apart families across America from Harlem to Hollywood.

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Speakers at the rally will include:

  • Former Marine & head of Restoring Freedom group Kash Jackson
  • NY attorneys Saadya Bendelstein and Anthony Zappin
  • Filmmaker and FCLU-NY’s president Sebastian Doggart
  • Registered nurse & activist Aleah Holland
  • Filmmaker Felix Leo Campos founder of Disgusted Dads
  • Edmund Welch, from Disgusted Dads
  • Dr. Carlos Rivera will speak from inside a metal cage, to illustrate how family courts imprison millions of American citizens, both in publicly funded jails, and through the years of litigation the courts propagate.

The rally will take place in Times Square (7th Avenue between 41st & 42nd Streets) on Sunday, October 9, 2016, noon-3 pm EST.

For further information or interviews please contact Sebastian Doggart at 310.403.4244, or sdoggart@fclu.org

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