HW Pick: Check Out “Polly Pocket” By The Mesmerizing Daniela Andrade

We love singer/songwriter/producer and “bedroom-pop” darling Daniela Andrade, the Honduran-Canadian who’s new hit “Polly Pocket” reminds us of A$AP Rocky’s ‘L$D, Love x $ex x Dreams,” hypnotic vibe.

Her “delicate voice” (Nylon) twinkles on this bubbly cut pollinated with an infectious understated beat. “Polly Pocket” is accompanied with visuals from Oscar-nominated director Jeremy Comote, capturing the untamed imagination of Daniela in her world of pink and ever-changing outfits. The trippy concept features the singer being picked up out of a fuzzy pink dollhouse by herself while her mesmerizing lyrics sing “everything is a projection” and “getting high off expectations.”

For Daniela, YouTube has served as a virtual studio, a place between the public and private where she can exercise both fear and courage through performance. From early, mop-headed takes on Lisa Hannigan to soaring renditions of Gnarls Barkley, Daniela’s intentions have always been clear: do right by artist and audience, sing fiercely, sing earnestly.

Here’s the video:

2019 has much in store for this breakout artist.

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