Interview: Fashion And Event Production Designer Marc Wilson

January 21, 2015

MWDL 9By Kass

The fashion industry serves as one of the key visual industries making full use of events marketing.  Events’ marketing serves as a larger umbrella for the amazing aesthetic of events production and design.  Events production and design represent beautifully decorated venues which serve to communicate a visual artistic interpretation of event theme and mood through use of lighting, floral design and color theory.

As the events production and design market are on the upswing, 2015 is slated to offer events design and production trends highlighting design décor and thematic inspiration. Popular design themes will include message-themed and nostalgic signage, events for a cause, use of shapes and patterns, a fashionable homage to rustic modern décor, and the provision of unique venues. Likewise event lighting trends which serve to compliment production and design trends through the repetitive use of gold as the new black, use of mid-century shapes and design influences reminiscent of the 60′s and 70′s. Furthermore, 2015 will showcase gold infused table accents featuring gold flatware and votive holders, popular shapes which include tapered lines streamlined shapes, geometric designs, and statement pieces such as over-sized chandeliers. Lighting production and design trends for 2015 will also offer venues decorated with illuminated furniture utilizing newly popularized and innovative lighting techniques.MWDL 1

In celebration of the resurgence of events production and design, HW would like to highlight Harlem’s own MWD Lifestyles.  MWD Lifestyles is an innovatively creative events production and design firm specializing in private and social celebrations, corporate events, strategic marketing and branding events, and fashion-themed events.   Likewise, MWD Lifestyles serves as one of NYC’s top leading full scale event design and production studio with world-renowned planning capabilities. MWD Lifestyles remains an internationally recognized brand bringing over 10+ years of progressive event production and design experience.  The MWD Lifestyles brand is best known for their magnificent transformation of venues, their impeccable attention to detail and seamless production execution. From the largest to the smallest detail, the MWD Lifestyles team represents a seasoned team of professionals which serve to provide clients with exceptional design consulting and state-of-the-art events venue designs. MWD Lifestyles currently serves a client base which includes such brands as: Abott Capital, ACER Worldwide, AMC – American Movie Classics, Apollo Theater, and Bloomberg Corporation.

MWDL 2This past week I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to catch up with Marc Wilson founder of MWD Lifestyles brand. Check out our interview below:

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Kass: Hi, Marc! How are you? Thank you so much for taking out the time to chat with HW! 

Marc: I am well Kass! After a lengthy slump, the events production and design industry is growing and I am excited about where MWD Lifestyles is headed!

Kass: Tell the readers a little about yourself 

Marc: I am originally from Kansas City Missouri. I attended college majoring in fine arts painting and textiles design. Upon graduating college, I relocated to NYC where I landed a position within the textiles industry. During that period, I also operated a design studio from my home in Harlem where I designed and created sculptural textiles. After spending 8 years in the industry I was afforded an opportunity to change my career. The company I’d been working for was sold and from there I started my own event design and floral business. It’s been 16 years and I haven’t looked back yet. It has been an amazing ride.

Kass: Tell us about MWD Lifestyles 

Marc: MWD Lifestyles is a full scale event design and production studio with planning capabilities. We offer planning and creation of the overall design concept, look and feel. We then execute it down to the finest detail. As a one stop shop we have the advantage of having an in-house design and floral team creating props and supplying custom furniture from our MWD Lifestyles warehouse. We pride ourselves on working with each and every client to create and experience that speaks to who they are as individuals or companies.

 Kass: What inspires your artistry? 

Marc: I believe design is around us in every aspect of our lives. I look to modern art, sculpture, fashion and everyday street life for inspiration. In addition, I love following the European floral design competitions for added creative inspiration. When the MWD Lifestyles team completes a project, we do so collectively to create the best possible design concepts exceeding client expectations.

Kass: Why Events Production and Design? 

Marc: Partially because I love design at all levels. We started off as a floral design studio and clients naturally began requesting full scale design and décor. Ultimately, events production and design became a natural extension of what we were already doing professionally.MWDL 8

Kass: How does the MWD Lifestyles UVP differentiate you from your competitors? 

Marc: What differentiates MWD Lifestyles from competitors is our distinct understated sense of elegance. MWD Lifestyles works hard maintain an understated elegance design aesthetic, encompassing all the elements which serve to spark the interest of what is taking place around the consumer. From the tablecloths, to floral designs and stem ware, we want clients to visualize and immerse themselves within the creative experience, so that it becomes an overall experience. We design the table look based on how it will relate to the room around it, accessing the client’s five senses.

Kass: What inspired your interest in planning upscale events and weddings? 

Marc: That’s simple, the process. It’s very exciting to work with a client or individual from the first day of planning to standing in a room and viewing the final product. That moment is an amazing and always makes our team and myself very proud.

Kass: What inspired you to open your headquarters in Harlem? 

Marc: There was never a question I would have my business in Harlem, I started my company out of my apartment on St. Nicholas Ave.  I eventually moved around to other locations until I found the perfect fit on Edgecombe Ave. We are a unique type of business and I like very much showing the diversity of black owned businesses located here in the Harlem Area. Adults and children generally call and or stop by and ask what we do. That initial interest alone opens their minds to all the different possibilities of the diversity of black owned businesses.  My hope is MWD Lifestyles will allow them to dream about owning their own business one day.

Kass: What can we anticipate from MWD Lifestyles in 2015? 

Marc: We look forward to increasing our social presence and sharing the luxury design experiences we create for our clients here and abroad.  We are also excited about the further expansion of our wedding business. There was a soft launch our new Weddings by MWD Lifestyles website this year. We look to achieve more visibility visually in terms of communicating and differentiating the design brand and its competitive product offering. We are also developing a brand line which compliments who we are and what represent as a brand, slated to launch in 2016. Additionally, we look forward to attending domestic and international industry events to further build the MDW Lifestyles brand. We want to be conscious of expanding our brand inclusive of corporate marketing events and private social events. As the industry continues to grow, the brand continues to grow and evolve. Kicking off our 2015 expansion, we recently became an official vendor for the NBA all-star week! Collaborations such as these assist with keeping in line with our mission to develop a diverse client base. We are excited about what 2015 has to offer!

Kass: Marc, on behalf of the HW Mag family – we thank you so for your time this afternoon! It has been a pleasure meeting you and learning more about the MDWL Events Production and Design Brand.

Marc: Thank you, Kass and the Harlem World family!

Readers: please note Weddings by MWD Lifestyles can be viewed at:

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