How To Turn Your Bathroom Into An Amazing Spa

January 5, 2021

Have you ever been to a spa and thought to yourself; “Wow, I wish this was my bathroom”?

The impeccable design, sleek elements, and calming scents are the envy of all bathrooms. While you can’t install a personal masseuse or a sauna into your own bathroom, you still can emulate the feel of it just through the power of design and creativity; or even get your dream bathroom designed and installed for you!

Breathe some life and some warmth into your bathroom through our favorite examples so that you too can have a spa experience at home whenever you feel like it. If you’re already investing a couple of bucks at the spa, why not invest a little more in your own bathroom for a lifelong benefit?

This article will provide you basic tips and tricks on how to add a dash of sophistication to your bathroom through creative examples. If you’re interested to know more, keep on reading!

Candles, Candles & More Candles

Candles are a simple way to bring a warm glow to any bathroom. Plus, when you’re having a dip in the tub and relaxing, the glow from candles in a dark room can be so relaxing and reminiscent of a spa bath. You can get tea candles to line your bathtub with, taller candles just for decor, or block-shaped candles just for the design.

Furthermore, you can get scented candles created with essential oils to emit calming and relaxing scents while you unwind. Of course, do practice safety and never leave a flame unattended.

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Let Nature In

Go au natural with potted plants of varying sizes into your bathroom for that burst of color with calming greenery. If you find plants too high maintenance and live in a home that doesn’t have natural light streaming into the bathroom, you could also consider getting fake plants.

A recent life hack being passed around is to purchase eucalyptus leaves and hang them on the bathroom wall or over the showerhead fixture so that the steam from showers and baths can disseminate the relaxing fragrance. They’re green, a stunning wall piece, and also a source of fragrance.

Robe it Up

The luxurious life is incomplete without a robe to wrap yourself in after a nice, relaxing hot rose petal bath. You can hang it up on a wall hook fixture to make the room look complete and just like a five-star spa room.

Stay Neat & Tidy

Keeping all the essentials organized and accessible looks more professional and just visually pleasing. Take the items you use most frequently and arrange them atop a shelving unit near your tub or the shower to create a more spacious and airy feel. Storing things in a cupboard can make the room smaller, so keep closed storage units to a minimum to maintain a larger space feel to the room.

For things you use less often, like bath bombs, soap bars, cotton swabs, loofahs, etc, you can store them in large mason jars and display them upon a shelf. Not only does this look organized, but it is also very appealing to look at. The first thing a guest would probably think upon seeing that is you take care of yourself very well!

Rattan baskets are amazing additions to the bathroom if you want something with a neutral touch to it. It helps to create symmetry and uniformity to the room’s aesthetic. Plus, it lets you store more items that you don’t want out in the open display.

Play with Textures

Instead of getting a small bathroom mat to dry off on, get a large rug with faded patterns for added texture to the room. It makes the room look fuller yet still minimalist. Additionally, it minimizes having to walk on the cold floor right after a shower!

Match the Metallics

For an easy theme to set up, just match your shower fixtures to your sink faucets! Metals are important accents despite being a small percentage of the room. Brass finishes are great for a more rustic look, while silver finishes are great for modern and sleek types of designs. Just having the metals match is enough for the bathroom to already look professionally designed.

Essential Fragrances

Spas typically are associated with the scent of essential oils — which you can also purchase for your own use. Lavender is great for baths before sleep, chamomile is great for calming, and so on. Just drop a splash or two over your warm bath and it will fill the room with a relaxing aroma.

There are plenty of oil diffusers too if you don’t have a bathtub. You can store them on a shelf or drawer easily as they usually come in small bottles.

Pull Up a Chair

It may sound weird to have some form of seating in your toilet, but if we’re going for a warm and cozy vibe that a spa has, trust us on this. A puffed-up single seat chair is great to elevate the room’s design and evoke a sense of elegance and luxury too. If you have the space for it, fill it up with some seating!

Get a Towel Warmer

What better feeling is there other than a warm towel after a nice bath? Especially in the cooler seasons — this device can be such a handy addition. While it’s okay to not use it all the time, it sure would be a nice thing to have occasionally on your self-care days.

Fancy Tiles

Changing out your floor tiles to printed ones can create a level of lavishness and style to your bathroom. It works well for a minimalist bathroom and isn’t too distracting enough to clash with other focal points in it.


Hopefully, this article has helped you transport your favorite parts of a spa into your own home. It’s super simple to get it done, and it’s amazing what a few additions can do to really elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom. We hope you have a nice and relaxing time in your new home-edition spa.

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