How To Take Care Of Your Glasses And What Should You Do?

February 14, 2022

If you wear power glasses, you’d know by now how imperative they are in your daily life.

Your eyeglasses are in contact with your skin as long as you are wearing them, and just like you get tired and deserve a long-hot shower at the end of the day, your eyeglasses and sunglasses require care and maintenance as well. By providing the right care to your glasses, not only do you increase their longevity, but they also provide you with a clear vision.

Wondering how to look after your round glasses frames, and what to do and not to do? Read along through this informative guide which would assist you in keeping your glasses in great shape, giving you your money’s worth.

Try Not Keeping Them Here And There

This is a pretty familiar picture where you are tired and end up coming back home and keeping your glasses on the first surface you see. It could be the entry table, your bed, the dining table, or even any corner of your house. Let’s begin by saying that this is an entirely wrong move, and it could deteriorate your glasses’ quality with time. For people who cannot see without their glasses, it becomes an adventure trying to find the glasses. Meanwhile, your glasses could end up getting bent, cracked, scratched, or worse, completely damaged.

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It is best if you put your glasses within the glass box or at a designated place every time. The correct way of keeping them is to keep the glasses facing upward so that they do not get scratched.

Opt For Dry Cleaning

Whether you are venturing out or relaxing at home, your glasses do come in contact with dust, pollen, and pollution every instance. This could create a thin film of dirt on your glasses and could blur your vision. Keep your glasses looking new by going for dry cleaning at least twice a day.

Purchasing a microfiber cloth would be an ideal solution as it could remove the dirt and grim in just one swipe. Again, microfiber cloths are supplied along with your hard glass cases as well.

Try And Wash Them Regularly

If your glasses have become really dirty, then rather than dry cleaning, you could opt for lukewarm water and holding your glasses under it. A neutral non-oily liquid soap would be best suited for this. After washing away the dirt, make sure you clean your glasses and dry them thoroughly using a really soft cloth.

You could go for a cleaning solution, and you would find them in every optical shop. You can carry them with you and give your glasses a quick wipe if it gets dirty.

Always Use Both Your Hands While Wearing And Opening Them

Opening your glasses with just one hand might seem convenient or even cool, but it could lead to misalignment and loose screws which could create trouble for your vision. Therefore, you need to avoid handling your glasses with just one hand, but always wear and take them off using both your hands.

If your glasses are too loose or seem to sit way too tightly on your nose bridge, make sure to go for your nearest optical specialist and get it adjusted as per requirement.

Always Store Your Glasses Properly

It might seem easy and convenient to keep your glasses on the shelf or the table, keeping them in the vehicle glove compartment when you do not need them, and you are driving; however, it is not the ideal way to store them. This could gradually damage your glasses way beyond repair. Always opt for glass cases that you would find in an optical store which would always provide a protective cover from the dirt and dust.

Things You Should Not Do To Your Glasses

  • Avoid materials like paper towels, shirt fabric, and tissues, which could easily cause minor scratches on your glasses. With time, this could lead to loss of proper vision clarity.
  • Avoid going for products that have acetone in them. Acetone is considered to be destructive for your glasses, especially plastic lenses.
  • When trying really hard to remove the smudge, many often use their saliva to lubricate their lens. This is the worst way as you would be literally covering your glasses with germs from your mouth.

Wrapping up, these are some of the ways by which you could easily take care of your lenses for clear vision and longevity.

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