How To Study Online And Not To Lose Interest In Learning

June 21, 2021

Modern students learn much more easily than their predecessors. A few centuries ago, most students had to sit in libraries for days to write research papers, essays or prepare for an exam.

Everything has changed: it is enough to search the Internet for the necessary information and apply it to an academic paper. Moreover, today students can study online while working in parallel. However, statistics show that 52% never even look at the training courses of those who signed up for the course. Also, the dropout rate reaches 96% on average over five years. What is why in the age of new technologies and teaching methods, students continue to learn poorly? There are only two reasons for poor performance: lack of motivation and laziness. Therefore, we have prepared five tips to help you keep your interest in learning.

Find the Learning Objective

Many teachers claim that learning is the main goal in life. However, everything looks a little different. Learning as a process is not the goal. This is just an action that leads to achieving the main result: a successful career, high wages, and social status.

Therefore, you need to decide in advance what you want to get in the end. If the goal is to get the desired and high-paying job, then the study is indispensable. When you learn to set goals and achieve them, you will understand that you will have a competitive advantage in the labor market by having a solid store of knowledge. The likelihood that the company will choose you from thousands of others is quite high. Therefore, the primary motivating factor should be the achievement of the final goal.

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Plan Your Study Schedule

At all times, few of the students were eager to get knowledge. In general, there are not many people in the world who enjoy their studies. It is the lack of desire to learn that often causes poor academic performance. The problem is aggravated by the fact that the Internet is teeming with examples showing that you can achieve success in life without higher education. As a result, instead of studying, the student is engaged in entirely different things, and only before the exams, he remembers that he also needs to learn something.

This is, of course, wrong. Learning requires a systematic approach. Do not scatter attention to extraneous matters. The solution to the problem can be the development of a certain routine. For example, you can create a lesson plan for the week, including not only all sorts of recreational activities but sufficient time to complete study assignments. If your job strongly crowds out the study, use literature, economics, sociology, Spanish homework help and devote the rest of the time to more complex academic tasks.

Organize Your Study Space Correctly

To make your homework easy for you, we recommend that you properly organize the study place. Find a separate corner in the house and furnish it. After all, many students make one mistake of all ages – they teach lessons wherever they have to: on the floor, on the computer, on the bed. The biggest mistake is doing work on the bed. Remember, the bed is for sleep and only for him! There is a workplace for everything else. In order not to lose interest in learning, the workplace should be comfortable and convenient to use. Surround yourself with your favorite things, and then you will want to visit such a place more often and do tasks there.

Find Ways to Reward Effectively

If you face a challenging task or are starting a difficult study period, come up with ways to reward yourself effectively. For example, decide that you’ll go on relaxation or reward yourself with the desired purchase after you write your coursework. But try to avoid false targets. It would help if you didn’t reward yourself for the number of tasks completed or work speed.

Another mistake is to choose incentives that destroy the achieved result. For example, as a reward for your excellent work last week, you allow yourself to relax on the current week – this can be bad for your academic success. Psychologists note that people often perceive the achievement of their goals as a kind of indulgence – and as a result, they take a step back.

Use The Influence Of Others

We are constantly looking back – and in many ways, we are guided by the actions of others. Even simple communication with a successful student can improve our results. However, motivation is more complicated. When we see students coping with a task quickly, we can react differently: either get inspired or lose interest and decide that others will do the job better than you. True, delegating tasks is not always easy. But you can use the influence of the environment to your advantage. How?

Do not passively observe a motivated and successful student: this can demotivate you. Instead, ask him why he is working so hard and why he thinks it is essential. Listening to what exemplary students say about their goals will surely inspire you to believe in yourself.

Another way to use the positive influence of the environment is to realize that it is not always the case that completing what we started is inspired by those who have successfully done something similar. Most often, these are just our like-minded people – friends, relatives, or mentors. Think about these people and how they will enjoy your success – this can be a powerful internal stimulus.

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