How To Prepare Your Christmas Content As A Social Media Influencer

October 23, 2023

With around 40% of the world’s population using social media and Christmas holiday sales in excess of $1 trillion annually in the US alone, it’s clear that there are huge advantages to social media influencers in making the most of the festive period.

Shoppers regularly turn to social media for gift inspiration, making the festive holidays the perfect time to get your brand or product out there and get noticed. To do this effectively, you need to prepare ahead of time in order to create a magical Christmas content campaign that’ll drive up conversions and boost your follower count. Here’s how to do it.

Make a Plan

First things first: plan out your Christmas content and posting schedule in good time. It’s likely that you’ll want to generate and post even more content than usual to make the most of the festive season’s opportunities, so starting as early as possible is a great idea.

Think about the type of content that’s worked for you in the past, inspirational festive campaigns run previously by other influencers you admire, and what you know about the preferences of your own followers to plan highly effective, engaging content for the Christmas period. If you’re worried about missing a scheduled posting, then consider bringing on board software that automates this side of things, so once you’ve created your campaign, you can just sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Gift-ify Your Product

If you sell products or services on your page or platform, then Christmas is the perfect time for a festive marketing makeover! Create entirely new videos with a seasonal feel, or, if you have the knowledge on how to compress a video, consider making an epic festive masterpiece that fuses your most successful videos of the year gone by into one magnum opus!

Including lists of trending gifting ideas – that include your product, of course – is another effective way to get the Christmas sales coming in. Incorporate pictures of the product in action or being enjoyed by buyers to up the appeal even further.

Create a Countdown

Preparing a Christmas-themed countdown ahead of time is a seasonal tactic deployed by many social media influencers to get ready for the festive season. Countdowns are a brilliant means of getting viewers to come back every day to see what new content goodies will be revealed.

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A countdown can take infinite forms to match your style, product, or brand. You could, for example, run a daily festive-themed contest to help boost your reach and engagement. Alternatively, you could offer a different discount code every day or post a new how-to video of festive makes.

Festive Period Podcasts

Whether or not podcasts form a regular part of your weekly content, Christmas is a great time to bring them on board. They offer the opportunity to collaborate with guests, such as other successful influencers in your niche, for double the marketing opportunities. They are also a chance to bring on board fans and get a light-hearted debate going, such as on the best festive traditions or how to deal with common Christmas conundrums, like avoiding the annual family after-dinner argument.

You could also consider interviewing others working within your industry as part of a podcast or use it to look back over the ‘best bits’ of your influencer year gone by.

Get the Feels Going

It’s Christmas, after all, and the time of year when we’re feeling even more cozy and loved-up than usual, with good cheer – hopefully – abounding. Focus on the emotions of the season and, if possible, highlight this in relation to your product or brand.

Speak from the heart, make it personal, and aim to make an authentic connection with your follower base to see a seasonal spike in engagement and conversions. Think of the Christmas ads on TV at this time of year and how they work by pressing all our emotional buttons.

Align Your Christmas Campaigns

Finally, as part of your content preparations, be sure to harness the power of all your social media platforms by creating a campaign that aligns across channels. What does this look like in the real world? How about featuring a gift guide on one of your platforms and highlighting a different one of the products included on your other channels?

Getting creative to tie all your festive content together is one of the most effective ways to pull in as many views, likes, and shares throughout the Christmas period and beyond.

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