How To Plan The Perfect Event For Your Coworkers

November 5, 2021

Planning an event for your coworkers can sometimes be a little overwhelming. 

There are so many things to consider, but don’t worry! Here are some tips you need to plan the perfect event for your coworkers. Follow these steps below and you’ll have a stress-free party planning process in no time at all!

Get Some Fancy Liquor 

When celebrating something with your company, you should make sure there are some fancy drinks involved. Don’t just go to the store and buy whatever, but rather be mindful of what you get. The people who are making Rockfall spiced rum say that they handcraft their drink in bespoke copper stills to ensure the flavors are beautifully natural and pure. This way, you’ve brought something special which can also be a conversation piece. 

People also like cocktails so it’d be good to have some of those as well. You can make a cocktail or you could also buy one that’s high-quality and then name it after the person who organized the event (if planning for coworkers). There are plenty of recipes out there that you can follow, but if this is your first time planning an office party like this, we recommend getting something simple.

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Hire A Good Catering Service 

Good catering is important to planning a perfect event for coworkers. It is important to choose someone who understands the importance of quality food and service, as well as affordability. There are plenty out there that will offer great prices but lack in other areas such as customer satisfaction or flexibility with menu items.

Ensure you take your time when hiring a catering service so that they can provide all aspects needed from planning an affordable yet amazing meal selection to flexible scheduling options and exceptional customer support throughout the process. Ensure they have previous experience planning events similar to yours before making a decision on choosing a caterer. This way it’s more likely they understand what details make up a party environment while also having some expertise in planning it.

Here are the qualities of a good catering service:

  • Flexibility with menu items 
  • Good food 
  • Fast service 
  • Great customer support 
  • Planning experience with similar events to yours 
  • Affordable prices and great deals!

Make Sure It’s During The Work Day 

People usually make private plans for the weekend so make sure to plan the event during work hours in order to show appreciation. If planning an outing, make sure it’s something everyone can participate in and enjoy together, and make sure that there is a crowd control plan is extremely important.

Happy hours are a big part of building relationships in the office. Remember to be safe and follow city laws when drinking at an event, especially important if planning on hosting it during work hours!

Find A Good DJ 

Music is essential for a fun party, so find a good DJ. They can help set the tone and mood of your event, so make sure you find someone who will be able to keep it lively during your planning process. Pick a genre that suits everyone’s tastes and get in touch with them as soon as possible!

The playlist should consist of songs that are upbeat and high-energy, while still being appropriate for an office event. It’s also important to make sure the DJ is clear about any boundaries you have set in place. Make sure they understand what kind of music is not being played at your party so that everyone will stay comfortable!

By planning ahead with a good DJ, your coworkers should have plenty of fun during your company holiday party this year!

Keep It Casual 

It is important to keep the event casual because you want your coworkers to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves while they are there. You can make this happen by planning a potluck for everyone instead of having one person take care of all the food or drinks that need to be bought for it. 

If you decide on doing a party at night, think about keeping snacks simple like chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels, etc., so people don’t get too full from eating heavy foods before going home. This will allow them to have fun but not fall asleep right away when they get back into their homes after work hours!

Find A Good Venue 

You’ll also need to book a venue. Consider the type of event you are planning on hosting to help decide what kind of venue will suit your needs best. For example, if it’s an office party, consider finding someplace that can accommodate large groups while also being easy for people to get to who might be coming from out-of-the-way places.

Don’t forget to book the venue well in advance, and if you want something really nice consider planning your event for a time when business is slow. This will help you get a better deal on the price, which is always nice!

An event for coworkers should celebrate their work so fancy drinks and good catering are always in order. Also, make it during a workday so that everyone can attend and find a DJ with lots of fun music. Keep the event casual so that people don’t think about work and make sure it’s at a good venue. Good luck and have fun!

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