How To Pack Antique Dishes For Moving?

August 23, 2021

When you have to pack items for moving, it’s a challenge, but it becomes a headache when you have to pack kitchenware. It is because you have to pack lots of fragile items like antique dishes. If it’s your first moving experience, then you can hire a moving company for help. 

If you want to pack dishes yourself, then you can follow this guide for some valuable tips. Remember, packing antique dishes require special attention, and they take more time to pack than a normal room. When you pack normal dishes, you’re not worried much because you know you can get one if one dish gets broken.

In the case of antique dishes, you can’t relax because they’re not only expensive, but they’re also difficult to replace. Before going into other tips, the pro tip is to pack your kitchen at the end. If you don’t want to do this, then at least pack your fragile items first and keep them in the corner.

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5 Steps for Packing Antique Dishes

After following this guide, you’ll be able to pack your antique dishes in the safest manner. 

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  • Important Things to Consider When Packing Antique Dishes

When you decide to move, you can start packing antique dishes because they’re not used regularly. It should be the part of your planning process that how long will it take to pack all the items. Moreover, the best approach is to get packing supplies in advance when you plan to move. 

Remember, if you hire movers for your move and your antique dishes are damaged during the move, they won’t be liable because you pack your fragile items. If you have lots of such things, then you need to get full-service insurance. 

You can share your concerns with the moving company, and they’ll help you make the best decision. You need to go the extra mile to secure your items. For example, you can purchase extra packing supplies and use a superior method for packing valuable dishes. 

  • Find a Dedicated Space for Packing

As the antique dishes are delicate, you need to find a dedicated space where you can pack them without the interference of kids and pets. You can use an open floor area or a large dining table for packing dishes. 

When choosing the area for packing these fragile items, ensure that the surface on the floor is soft. If the floor has a carpet, it would be best. Otherwise, you can use soft blankets. The idea is to protect delicate dishes from damage. When you feel that place is set, keep all the dishes you want to pack in front of you. 

  • Start Packing

You must have the packing supplies if you don’t have to purchase them first. Place your packing sheet flat on the workspace you prepared in the first step. Ensure that sheet is large enough to cover the entire item. 

Take your antique dishes and start packing them one-by-one. Remember; don’t forget to use tape to secure packing material in place. Use bubble wrap to secure them. Again use tape to secure corners. Pack each piece separately and then move to the next step. Finally, you can place them in the box. 

If you have original boxes, it will be a plus point. Otherwise, you can purchase from the market. Pad the box with packing paper or a moving blanket. Stack your fragile items carefully. If the bowls are large enough, then don’t place them inside each other. If they’re large, don’t worry, you can use blankets and other protective substances to protect dishes from collision and damage. 

If you have enough packing paper, then wrap it over the box. Secure the box with tape, and you have done with packing—label boxes with delicate items to let movers know that they need to deal with them carefully. 

  • Tips for Choosing Boxes

Boxes should be sturdy, and cardboard boxes are best for packing such items. The box size shouldn’t be too large. Otherwise, the dishes will keep moving around. Avoid purchasing too small boxes. They can also be destructive for dishes. 

  • Keep Heavy Boxes at the Bottom 

Once you deal with packing, don’t stack boxes too high. Keep your heavier boxes at the bottom and place lighter ones on them. It will ensure that you don’t damage the cardboard and your delicate items. 

This is how you can pack antique dishes for moving.

Final Words

All these steps have helped us a lot while packing delicate antique dishes. You can also try them because we believe that these tips for packing antique dishes will help you save time and energy. If you feel we forgot to mention some tips, you can share them with us so that we can update our guide.

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