How To Make Your Travel Photos Pop – Pro Tips For Instagram Bloggers

April 5, 2021

With travel photography becoming increasingly practical, spontaneous, and affordable; travel enthusiasts are turning to Instagram in ever-increasing numbers to share their passion,

inspire others to travel, and on many occasions, using the opportunity to also earn handsomely by becoming an influencer.However, the secret to having a vibrant Instagram account that attracts a large number of followers and has good engagement is the ability to shoot stunning photos that give viewers the impression of being there on the spot themselves. Some essential travel photography tips for Instagram travel bloggers:

Capture the Place, Not the Crowds

One of the biggest issues faced by photographers when taking shots of famous tourist destinations is that they are usually chock-a-block with tourists and Instagram users will be accustomed to seeing these iconic landmarks in this way. You can make your photographs particularly arresting if you can get there at a time when the places are empty of people, typically very early in the morning or late at night. Not only will you get the opportunity of capturing the place in a more serene mood but also have the advantage of more even and soft light that can lend your photos a unique appeal. When you don’t have to jostle for space, you can also get to positions that lend a different perspective to the photo. This is not to say that you should never shoot photos when the places are teeming with people. Sometimes, it is the multitude that can give you the chance to add character to your photos.

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Connect with Your Subject

There are many different forms of travel photography like landscapes, architecture, street scenes, art, and people. While all of them require advanced photography skills to conjure up something special, it is portraits of people that are often the most difficult. You need to make your subjects trust you enough so that they can relax and give you a glimpse of their characters and their lives. On your side, you need to respect their culture and personal space that they have given you access to as well as be understanding and patient to overcome language and cultural barriers. You will be able to best capture their narratives in your shots when you take the time to connect well with your subjects and learn their stories. Don’t be disappointed if your travel account on Instagram does not meet with an overwhelming response on Day One. It can take time to build engagement, but you can always check Instagram likes to quicken the process.

Learn to Focus

Even though sometimes the best of travel photographs captures the unexpected and the new, it does not mean that you should only rely on quickly getting a few shots off on whatever you see in the first few minutes. By taking some time to study and absorb the layout, lighting, and atmosphere of the place, you will be able to position yourself better to take some stunning photos. While it can be fun and even interesting to take panoramic shots depending on where you are, it is usually better to focus on a single subject to make your photos more vibrant. Often by waiting for a little, the scene can change, and you can take a more interesting shot.

Pursue Symmetry 

Even though it might not be readily apparent, every travel destination, regardless of whether it is a stunning landscape or an ancient monument, is bound to have its unique visual identity. The point is not to recreate what countless others have captured before you in their photographs but to seek out drams in the shot that can give it a unique look. According to a Huffington Post report, it is important that you try to be creative with your shot composition and not fall into the trap of taking conventional photos.

You can try to create an artistic feel by harnessing symmetry and clean lines in the subject of your photos. Sometimes, it can be very useful to take a few steps back and see if the subject can be photographed from a different perspective. Often by including something in front of it, like a branch of a tree, a well-laid-out garden, or even the majestic columns of an ancient gate or doorway. If you want to include yourself in the shot, be sure to study the layout and decide on the optimum spot to place yourself.


While investing in a good DSLR camera with a high-performance lens can benefit your photography, you need not despair if you cannot afford expensive equipment. Contemporary smartphone technology has evolved greatly, and now you can shoot great photos and also edit them on the go easily. There are a whole host of accessories and apps that can make your job easier. However, as important as the camera equipment is, there is no substitute for your artistic sensibilities and the ability to take photos from stunning perspectives.

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