How To Make Your Home Fit For A Dog

October 20, 2021

Looking after a dog requires a lot of time, effort, and thought—and that includes ensuring your home is fit to accommodate one.

After all, you want your dog to live its best life as your companion, and the way to do that is to give it a comfortable and happy home. Not to mention how much harder it is to raise a dog in a cramped and untidy environment! So, for the benefit of both you and your fluffy friend, here’s how to make your home fit for a dog.

Create a Dog-Only Space

You might envision spending every waking moment with your new companion, but in reality, your dog needs space just as humans do; not only to sleep, but to spend time there when they are feeling overstimulated or just want some time alone. The dog-only space should include a large bed, dog toys, cushions, and anything else that brings it comfort.

A space specifically for storing your dog’s belongings is also helpful, as you’ll need a cupboard for the dog food, old toys, and poop bags. Remember to consider your dog’s breed when it comes to what food you store, too. If you have a Pitbull, here you have an excellent article about Pitbulls nutrition.

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Reduce Clutter

Clutter can be dangerous for your dog, as it creates both a trip hazard and a choking hazard. That old bottle of medication you have lying around? Your dog could end up ingesting it. That unstable bookshelf that’s got one too many items on it? With enough force, your dog could end up toppling it onto himself. So, for the safety of your dog, create a home that is free of clutter.

Assess Your Plants

Some plants are fine to keep around animals, whereas others need to be as far away from your pets as possible. Before moving a dog into your home, be sure that all your plants are pet-friendly, even if they are out of reach. Some common household plants that are toxic to dogs include jade, aloe vera, and lilies.

Invest in Easy-to-Clean Floors and Furniture

To keep a stress-free home while looking after a dog, you should make cleaning as simple as possible, as you’ll be doing a lot more of it. Your furniture and flooring are particularly likely to suffer, as that is where your dog will walk and sit. So, if you can, make sure your furniture and flooring are made out of easy-to-clean material. It’s much easier to clean mess off a wooden floor than it is off a carpet!

Build a Fence

It’s not just the inside of your home that you need to make dog-friendly; it’s the outside, too. When your dog runs around your back yard, you want to be sure it cannot escape onto the street or into the next door’s garden, which is why you must build a fence. Not only will it ensure your dog doesn’t escape, but it’ll also keep your dog safer from strangers.

By making your home as dog-friendly as possible, your loyal companion can enjoy a comfortable, happy, and healthy life.

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