How To Make The Most Profit From Remodeling Your Home, All Investment Tips

December 21, 2020

Remodeling your house for the sake of increasing its value is an excellent strategy, especially for anyone who’s about to move out of the house in a few months. However, to achieve success in this regard, one must attain a certain combination of skill, research, and analysis to know exactly what types of upgrades you can do to your house and which adjustments will suit the market needs.

If you’re thinking about doing this, you should do so with these factors in mind: curb appeal, the added value, and your personal preferences. With that said, here are a few suggestions that should add to your house value.

Front Yard

How your yard looks will have a large effect on your curb appeal. Be it a nice walkway or adding more green with plants, your front yard should look fresh, homey, and inviting. Usually, front yard upgrades are inexpensive and are a good way to attract buyers who judge houses by their external appeal. Front yard makeover should also make your house stand out among other houses in the neighborhood. Simply planting potted flowers, trees, or bushes will make your house look welcoming enough, so be sure to do so while also pulling out weeds and removing leaves. You might also want to repaint peeling spots, like the front doors, deck railings, shutters, etc.


No one would want to live under a deteriorating roof. Leaks and cracks can deter buyers away very quickly. In addition to this, if your roof doesn’t look well-maintained on the outside, chances are buyers aren’t going to consider buying the house. Therefore, you should start by cleaning the roof before selling the house. Check to see if there are any missing or cracked shingles to replace them immediately. If you have the funds for it, you might want to consider replacing your roof with a newer, better one to increase your curb appeal. As for cracks and leaks inside the house, you can ask a spray foam installer to check your roof and decide the best methods to seal them effectively. Normally, a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is the best course of action, as it offers impenetrable insulation for walls, roofs, corners, and any contoured surfaces in your house.  

HVAC System

When the subject of home improvements comes up, rarely would anybody think of changing the HVAC system or the furnace, while in actuality that can be a major contributor in increasing your house’s value. Replacing your HVAC system, while expensive, will result in considerable energy savings and increased comfort. Buyers usually won’t say it out loud, but once they find a fully functioning HVAC system that saves energy, the odds of them buying the house at a higher price will increase. If your old HVAC system is not functioning, then you must replace it before selling the house. A functioning furnace might also increase your house price by a couple of thousands.


Old, rusty pipes and hard water certainly are two things that can deter buyers away. This is why house appraisers normally take plumbing into consideration and are often the determining factor when choosing between a number of houses. Thus, to update your plumbing system, you’ll need to start with the pipes. If you have many pipes that aren’t properly insulated, you might want to call in an expert plumber to insulate them for you. a working water heater should also be a bonus, especially in cold areas. 

However, because traditional models don’t heat water effectively (they basically leave hot water to sit in the pipes until it’s cool), you may want to get a new water heater with a circulation pump. Remember that you don’t have to do any plumbing fixes if the plumbing system in your house is working well. If you’re not sure, you should look for these signs: water discoloration or low water pressure.

Attic or Basement Renovations

Big attics or basements usually attract a considerable amount of attention, so you must make use of that by remodeling these areas. Renovating your basement or attic will automatically add extra space to your house, especially if you use that space to make an extra room, for example. If you don’t do this, this space won’t be considered “livable” in the eyes of buyers, so be sure to hire a contractor in order to know how you can utilize this space.

Remodeling ideas are quite numerous, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cash in on these projects. Make sure that you start with remodeling projects that are actually compatible with your house. You should also calculate your house’s value pre and post remodeling in order to know how much profit you’ll make out of these projects.

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