How To Look Young And Feel Good At 50

May 15, 2020

By Bretton Love

People say that age is just a number and while this is entirely true, it takes a lot of effort and discipline to age gracefully even as you reach the golden years of 50.

This is an age where a person wears the fruitful years of their life on their skin. And although there is no method of delaying aging itself and maintaining youth, there are a number of ways to make you look younger than your actual age and feel good no matter how many birthday candles you blow.

Maintaining a Hobby

The adult years are supposed to be the fruitful years wherein you spend most of the time working on building a life for your family. While it is important to work as much as you can, you should be able to find a hobby that will serve as a cathartic outlet for you. This hobby should be able to keep your creativity blooming and can make you happy over the years. When you are able to find time to do something you love despite the hustle and bustle of your adult life, you allow yourself to escape and respite to your happy place. This hobby can be something you do keep until your retirement age, helping you in maintaining a positive attitude and making you feel good no matter what age you get. 

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Lifestyle Support

The key to looking young at any age should start as soon as possible. As early as the 20s, you should already be incorporating lifestyle changes that will help your body function better over the years. One important thing is having a lifestyle that is beneficial for your overall health. Avoid having vices, take a well-rested sleep all the time, avoid stressful environments, and always have active physical activities including exercises or yoga. You cannot look younger overnight so it is important that you build on it over the years. One of the evidence of abuse on the body over time can be seen on emerging ailments and health problems when you reach the age of 50 so it is important that you keep your body at optimum at any given age and stage of your life.

Early Beauty Regimen

The best time to start a beauty regimen is when you enter your teenage years. Since the face is one of the biggest tellings of age, you should already start taking good care of it to avoid any skin problems. This is especially true when experiencing pimples and other skin problems. Early signs of wrinkles should also be addressed by doing botox from authorized professionals that can target the early signs of aging so they will not get aggravated over time. The problem with other people is that they seek for treatments too late that the problems become severe and more difficult to manage. The earlier you start, the more you minimize the problem if you enlist the help of professional help.

Well-balanced Diet

There is truth in the saying of you are what you eat. Eating junk food, processed food, and sodas are not healthy and will show negative effects on the body. These will eventually result in health problems that are also detrimental to the skin. Since the cells in the body need proper nutrition from a well-balanced diet, you should be able to deliver this on an everyday basis. Food rich in fiber, collagen, and vitamins will do great for the skin to achieve that younger looking physique.


Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is not an option but a mandatory rule to keep the body functioning well. Water is essential as it helps it a lot of bodily functions as well as eliminate toxins from the body. It is also important in terms of keeping the body young because it allows the skin to keep its suppleness so that it will not easily break and crease resulting in breakouts and wrinkles. Dry skin will always be prone to damage so keep in mind that the best way to keep it moist is by drinking lots of water a day. This is especially true when you have an active and busy lifestyle and during the warmer days.

There is no secret to looking and feeling young that is unattainable. These are simple ways to help anyone take the years off their face even when they reach the age of 50. After all, looking great at any age is a result of how well you take good care of your body and pay attention to its needs.

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