How To Leverage The Power Of UGC To Increase Engagement On Your Instagram Business Page And Drive Sales

February 3, 2021

Are you a business on Instagram? Have you entered the social media game in hopes of increasing sales?

Then you surely know a thing or two about user-generated content and know it is important. We live in an era of technology and social media. You can get started with this page to see how every like, view, and comment counts and how they can help your business. With the following tips, you can increase your content’s engagement rate and revenue from Instagram.

Reach out to Your Customers

If you are a brand or business, you probably already have some customers. That’s great! You should capitalize on it. Talk to customers and followers, in-person and online, about helping grow your business and your sales.

Communicate with Comments

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One of Instagram’s best features is the comment button. This button helps users comment on posts they like or don’t like. It also allows accounts to respond to their followers and let them know they appreciate what they have to say. The first people you should communicate with are those who comment. When people comment on your posts willingly, acknowledge them. Thank them for their comment and consider following them back. This gives you the chance to ask them to post about your product in the future. You can do this easily by offering them a gift card, free merchandise, or a discount to your store. They’ll likely be more than happy to do it, and their post will be honest. Once they’ve posted about your business on their account, you can repost that to your page. This is a simple marketing technique that works well and costs little to no money.

Talk to People in Person

If you have an in-person business, utilize your customers. Carry around business cards and add them to customers’ bags with their receipt. While they are there, let them know you would appreciate it if they would post about your product on Instagram; they don’t even have to do this in a post. They can review your product on their Instagram story or comment on one of your posts. Your customers know you best. They’re the ticket to gaining more sales.

Use Influencers

Influencers don’t have to be people with hundreds of thousands of followers. In fact, many influencers don’t have much more than a thousand. That’s great for you. If someone pops up on your Instagram that has a personality that aligns with your business, reach out to them. Ask them to wear and model your product on their page. The worst thing they can do is say no. These are some of the notable companies that use influencers on Instagram:

  • Banza
  • Old Navy
  • Ipsy
  • Glossier
  • Target
  • Audible
  • Daniel Wellington

These companies use influencers for marketing their company and their products. They do a great job with it and a great resource for those who wish to use influencers, too.

Use UGC in your Posts

User-generated content doesn’t just have to appear on other people’s Instagram feeds; you can use it to your benefit. Everything on Instagram is free to use. That means you can repost other people’s pictures and videos to your own page.

Use Reviews as Captions

Look at reviews of your product everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Yelp. You can then copy and paste these reviews and use them as your Instagram caption. Just be sure to quote the person who wrote the review, and thank them for their kind words.

Post Pictures to Your Page

If someone posts a picture with your product, share it on your page. These are real people expressing their current thoughts about your product. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use that to your advantage. Post it to your page by saving the picture and putting their caption in quotes on your page. Also, do the person who made the post a favor by tagging them in the photo. They’ll be happy to see you saw and appreciated their post. Plus, they may earn a few more followers from the post, and so you will too.

Use Your Instagram Story

Anyone can view your Instagram Story. When a person looks you up on Instagram, your story is the first thing that pops up. They can view your story without even seeing your page. If someone tags you in a post, share it to your Instagram story. They’ll be flattered or will likely post about your products more. Others will see you are sharing their posts and follow suit. This is another place where you can share reviews or post pictures of people who try your product in the store (with this permission, of course!) These testimonials will encourage non-followers to see what your page is about and potentially purchase something from your business.

Host Giveaways and Contests

People love free products. With giveaways and contests, you don’t even have to give away a lot. These are some options for giveaways and contests on Instagram:

  • Like and Comment Contest- Tell your followers that the person who gets the most likes or comments on their post about your product will get it for free.
  • Tagging Friends- Let followers enter a giveaway by tagging three friends in your post. They should be following you to enter this giveaway
  • Photo Caption Contest- Have followers come up with a caption for your photo and write it in the comments. The most clever or interesting one will win a discount or prize. You can then use that caption on your post and tag them in it.
  • Review Contest- Host a giveaway for anyone who reviews your product on their Instagram story.
  • Hashtag Giveaway- Those who use your hashtag on Instagram will be entered in a giveaway to earn some sort of prize or gift card. This same giveaway can be done if they tag you.

These are just a few of a multitude of contests and giveaways that will increase your sales, bring your more followers, and help you market your business and brand for free.

How to Choose the Content You Share

The content you share should be the best of the best. You shouldn’t post blurry or fuzzy photos. You shouldn’t post dim-lighted photos, either. Some great examples of what user-generated content works can be found here.

Finding Photos

Scroll through the photo that you’ve been tagged in or the ones that include your hashtag. Also, type your brand or business name into the search bar, and find posts that reference your business that haven’t tagged you.

Posting the Photos

You can freely post these pictures to your page, but it is smart to ask the people who posted them before you do. Majority of the time they’ll accept. However, you will want to clarify out of respect for them and the content they have made. Once you’ve done this, you can post the picture to your Instagram page.

Choosing Content

Find photos and videos that portray your business in a positive light. They should be bright and energetic. They should be photos and videos you enjoy. Consider looking for photos that you would use to market your company. If this was something you purchased, would you be satisfied? If yes, it’s perfect for your page.

Save Stories on Your Page

When someone posts about your product on their story, share it to yours and post it on your page. You can create albums on your homepage that visitors can click through whenever they want. Stories are a great tool that many overlook. Stories give you the opportunity to post multiple times throughout the day without cluttering your followers’ homepages.

Use UGC Marketing Techniques

There are many user-generated content marketing techniques that you can incorporate on your own Instagram. Many of these techniques don’t require you to have an Instagram of your own, either.

Create your own Hashtag   

Create a hashtag that markets what you want to achieve. If you want more people to buy your makeup, use the hashtag #my morning makeup routine. Be sure to use your brand name in the hashtag, so people know that it’s associated with you. If you own a luggage company, encourage people to use the hashtag #my weekend getaway with your luggage sets. These are considered branded hashtags. Other examples of these can be found on this link.

Be Open About What You Want

Let your followers and customers know you are looking for content to share on your page. Many will jump at the chance to be featured on a business’s Instagram page. When you do this, let them know what you’re looking for, too. If you sell clothes, tell your followers you share pictures of them in your clothes. If you want a video of someone using your product, let them know that. You will not receive exactly what you want if you don’t ask.

Ask Questions

User-generated doesn’t have to come in the form of video and photos; it can exist in the comments, too. When posting content to your page, ask questions. Ask people what they most like about the product, what they want to be changed, or what they hope to see from your business next. These comments generate conversations. They also pose as their own kinds of reviews. When you ask these questions, you’re letting your customers know you value what they think. You’re also setting your Instagram up to get more views, and you’re encouraging people to talk about the business.

Share Reviews

This cannot be stressed enough. If someone has reviewed your brand, business, or product, share it! Share it in a story, in your bio, in a post… share it anywhere. This is user-generated content at its finest. The person who wrote the review did it with no expectation. They did it of their own volition. When people see these reviews, they’ll be more apt to visit your business page and buy your products.

Stay Active

One of the worst things you can do on Instagram is log off. According to Statista, over 500 million people log on to Instagram every single day. You’re missing out on a possible 500 million customers every day you don’t post to Instagram. People get on Instagram to be engaged and entertained. They get on to see new, inspiring posts. They also log on to be told what to buy. Staying active on Instagram is a marketing technique in itself. If you make posts, someone is going to see them.  Get online for a few minutes every day to lure in new followers and customers.

User-generated content is perfect for marketing to the everyday person. People trust their friends, family, and loved ones. If they see that they enjoy a business, they’re prone to shop there, too. Make use of the amazing things people have to say about you on Instagram. And if they’re not saying anything yet, ask them to. User-generated content is special because it’s easy to acquire. Communicate with your customers, host giveaways and contests, and continue being active on Instagram. Eventually, you’re going to wow them. When you do, your sales will thank you.

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