How To Grill Beef, Chicken, And Fish Perfectly Every

May 19, 2020

By Bretton Love


Having a get together with the family is one of the most memorable moments. It gives you a chance to understand each other better and spend some quality time. 

Various things can be done during a get-together.

However, there is not anything better than grilling a slice of meat with your family. 

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Yes, you can grill different types of meat in the market. 

There are beef, chicken, fish, and many more types of meat (here). 

Each meat has its flavor and method of cooking. 

Yes, you read that correct, 

You must not grill the chicken in the same way you grilled the fish. 


Well, it is because of the difference in the texture of the meat. 

Therefore, you need to know methods to grill different types of meat. 

Do not worry.

In this blog, we have shared the best grilling methods for chicken, fish, and beef. 


Initial steps

It is necessary to follow these steps before you start with grilling the meat. 

First of all, you have to prepare the grill. 

Make sure that the power is turned OFF.

Now, clean the grill with a cloth and a brush. 

The main objective to remove residue from the grill. 

After cleaning the grill, you have to preheat it. 

Make sure you preheat the grill for at least 20 minutes. 

This will improve the taste of the meat overall. 

You also have to make sure that you have to grill the meat until the marks of the grill are visible. 

Make sure that you unplug the wire while cleaning. 

Techniques/Tips to Improve

How to grill a chicken? 

Grilling a chicken is one of the easiest recipes.

Moreover, everyone loves it. 

It has the perfect texture and nutrition for your body.

How should you grill the meat? 

Well, you can grill it in any way except for the whole bird. 


Well, if you do so, then the meat will not be cooked properly. 

The meat will remain raw from inside. 

Still, what ways can you follow to grill the meat? 

You can cut the meat into a small square, slices, and many more to grill. 

Just make sure that you grill each side for equal side. 

Have you wondered the time for which you should grill the meat? 

Let’s say that the meat weighs around five pounds. 

In that case, you have to grill it for at least ten minutes. 

How to grill a fish? 

Seafood not only tastes great but also looks beautiful. 

They are the perfect meals for specials occasions. 

Moreover, the beauty of the dish completely depends on the cooking style. 

Therefore, if you do not look at the fish properly, then it will taste extremely bad. 

The temperature and period to grill the fish depend on the thickness. 

Let us assume that the fish is an inch thick.  

What should be the temperature and time for grilling? 

The temperature should be low heat and the time should be at least 15 minutes. 

Yes, this is the condition if you are cooking the whole fish. 

If you are cutting the fish, then grill it on high temperature and for about 6 minutes. 

How to grill a beef? 

Grilling a slice of beef is a complex method. 

There are multiple steps you have to follow to get the desired meat. 

First of all, you have to cook it at a high temperature. 

Make sure you do this for a short period. 

Let’s say not more than 2 minutes. 

Now, turn ON the grill and cook the meat until the marks are visible. 

Yes, you must gill at a low temperature. 

For a slice of ideal meat, the grilling time should be between ten minutes to fifteen minutes. 

Correcting the common problem

Should you use a thermometer? 

Yes, it is recommended to use a thermometer while grilling. 


It is because it will help you know the temperature of the meat from inside. 

There are instances where the meat remains raw from the inside. 

Thus, you must make sure that the temperature is equal inside and outside the meat. 

Analysis of best practices in the industry

  • Use a thermometer
  • Grill marks should be visible
  • The griller must be clean
  • Apply oil before grilling
  • Maintain the right temperature
  • Follow a recipe of grilling

Tools you can use

  • Gloves
  • Utensils
  • Thermometer
  • Oil
  • A foil to keep the meat after grilling
  • A high-quality griller


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