How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page – 7 Tips

December 7, 2020

If you own a business, you most likely use Facebook to advertise your product and we must applaud you as it is one of the most used platforms with 2.2 billion monthly users.

Of course, just owning a page does not automatically mean selling more products or exposing your content to thousands of people.

To be successful on Facebook you need likes on your page, otherwise, nobody will be able to see what you have to offer. 

You might ask- in what any other way do Facebook likes contribute to my brand growth?

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You might have not thought about that before but whenever users visit your page and see a good amount of likes they automatically start trusting your brand.

Now onto the main topic- how can you get likes on a Facebook page?

There are many strategies that we will help you to do so and we will teach you some of them. 


1. Engage With The Audience As Often As Possible


It is not a marketing secret but basic knowledge of human psychology of how people love feeling like an important part of something. This is the reason you should always try to interact with the audience through your Facebook page. 

One of the tactics could be including a video or a photo in your post that connects to the audience on a personal level with its content; as a result, people start sharing your post which encourages friends of the sharers to like the page and this effect spreads like wildfire.

Another very effective way of engaging with your audience is asking questions which creates an amazing opportunity of starting a conversation with your users.

More engagement=more likes.

2. Follow The Trending Topics

Another great option for raising the number of likes on your page is following the trending topics but before deciding to do so make sure that it is relevant to your page, which has to be the most difficult part of this method. 

People normally would like and share posts that are about trending topics which helps them in showing their friends how they are familiar with it.

Even though this method might help the pages to get more likes and engagement, it does not work for every brand. Remember to always stay relevant and do not go overboard!

We would also advise you to avoid sensitive topics like religion, politics, and anything that could hurt your brand.

3. Host a Contest

It is absolutely a great idea to host a contest on your page which will increase the number of likes as well as the engagement.

The best way to do it is to come up with some great contest rules: for example, make the participants like the page for the contest entry or make them like the post, tag several friends, share the post, etc… It is all up to you! As a result, your post will be exposed to thousands if not millions of people.

4. Post on Right Times

Now let’s think about the times you post on your Facebook page and how often you do it- Every day? Every Week? 

According to the research, it turns out that posting on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday results in higher engagement therefore you are more likely to get likes on these days. 

You might ask- is it enough for me to post on these days so my posts are exposed to a lot of people? 

Well, you need to choose the right timing too- 9 AM, 1 PM and 3 PM turn out to be the best times for posting. 

Why is that so, you might ask. 

Normally, people hop on apps such as Facebook and Instagram when they have free time. That is why posting before work-time, mid-afternoon(while break) and after work might work the best for your page. 

5. Keep Your Posts Short

As the statistics show, in 2020 over 98% of users access Facebook via mobile phone. Posting long texts gives the readers a bigger opportunity to lose interest as you’re most likely dealing with mobile users.

Do not forget to always shorten your posts!

You could just ask the users a quick question, use a quote or a short, witty capture on a photo- be creative and minimalist at the same time.  

Trust us, it is more than enough to grab their attention and engage more people which will only result in a higher number of likes on your page.

6. Be Responsive

Engaging and socializing with people that are already your followers is super important. 

Normally, when people scroll over your posts and see unanswered questions on your post that automatically shows them your irresponsibility. 

People love it when they feel that they are talking to a real human being and not just a robot, even if it is just through the comments.

Your responsiveness also establishes trust-worthiness so always socialize with your present as well as the potential followers.

7. Run Ads

 Running Facebook ads is a great method to increase the number of likes on your page, but just setting them up is not enough, you have to make sure that your targeted audience is chosen right.

Your money will go to waste if people that your ads are shown to just do not care about your brand or its ideology.

Always choose wisely the location (country, city, state, etc…), age and gender, spoken languages and, education of your targeted audience. 

For a better result, we would advise you to put phrases and keywords (anything that could interest your ideal customer) within Precise Interest, or just some broad categories.


These are some of the most valuable methods to get likes, and to grow your business, you need to know more about how to get more likes on Facebook.

We would advise you to use some of them at a time so you have a chance to observe the result and understand what works the best for your page.

After you have gone through all of these methods your likes and engagement should be doubled. 

Remember, being consistent is the key!

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