How To Find The Best Event Space for Your Event

October 1, 2021

You can be ready to give the event of your life, but there is one x-factor that is largely out of your hands: the quality of the event venue where it’s hosted. You can’t change the concrete layout or structure of the building, but you can be prepared and find a venue that will serve your event perfectly.

There are many factors to consider before signing on the dotted line for your event venue contract. That’s why it’s important to start early and ask the right questions at every venue you’re considering. Knowing your venue makes it easier to construct your event perfectly for the space.

How Many People are Attending?

You might not be able to get an exact number of attendees until the marketing is done and tickets are distributed, but every event should know about how many they’re aiming to accommodate. This will help rule out a lot of spaces that might be too small for a large event or too big for an event that will leave people milling around aimlessly.

The largest convention centers in the U.S. can hold events for trade show size turnouts, but smaller events like art galleries provide their own type of intimacy. Research the types of events venues you’re considering hosted in the past, and create a preliminary list of invitees or determine a ticket quantity to help you narrow down suitable venues.

What Is Your Budget?

Your budget will determine the type of event venue you can afford, but it’ll also answer key questions about the event as a whole. Running an event has many moving parts, such as organizing catering, setting up sponsorships, and organizing the space. It may also determine how much you’ll be charging for tickets.

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Setting up your budget is one of the most important parts of your event because you don’t want to run out of money close to the finish line. Make sure to research past events and talk to experienced event hosts to get a general idea of the estimated budget.

When Do You Want it to Happen?

You’ve picked the perfect venue, you have the perfect date in mind, and the venue is sold out. It’s every host’s worst nightmare, but it can be avoided. If you have your sights on a specific venue, make sure to keep your eye on traffic patterns. If there are other events hosted around this time, you might have competition.

The same goes for any event where much of the appeal is centered around a specific guest or speaker. While the event can go on without them, you might lose a lot of your ticket pull if they’re unable to make your dates. If they’re critical to the event, it may be smart to sign them before signing your event venue.

What Will Happen at the Event?

Make sure you have a clear vision for the event. Do you expect to need room for a lot of booths or product displays? You may want a venue with a large show floor. If you’re having a lot of lectures or panels, you’ll want a venue with subdivided panel rooms. Make sure the place is equipped for food and drink if you’re planning to serve your guests.

These are all questions you should ask the venue’s staff when touring a potential venue for the first time. It can also help to have a basic idea of the event’s schedule before this point, so you can tell if the venue can handle the day’s pacing.

Do You Need Help from the Venue?

Before choosing a venue for your event, make sure you know the support available. Professional event-hosting sites will have on-site staff to help you plan and set up. Some might even have links to professional catering and rental companies that can cut down on your tasks.

The level of service will often correspond to the venue’s cost, so plan accordingly for your budget. Balancing the venue’s full-service benefits with the additional costs may still put you ahead since you won’t have to hire outside help. Every event has different needs, but paying extra to avoid stress on event day can be the best call for an organizer.

Make Your Next Event Your Best

Every event needs a different type of venue. Organizing your event will make it possible to find the perfect space to host your next convention or gathering. Start searching today, and give your company the best chance to stand out from the crowd.

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