How To Enjoy Refreshing Drinking Water Each Morning

June 1, 2020

By Bretton Love

Drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach has great health benefits.

You need to remain hydrated as it’s good for your skin, energy levels, and metabolism. When you wake up in the morning, first drink 16 ounces of well-filtered water. This contributes to welcomed and noticeable changes in your body.

Drinking water early in the morning boosts your cognitive functioning and overall health. Your internal body processes remain optimal. The water should be well filtered to ensure that you don’t drink dirty water. You can use these pitchers to purify and filter your water for optimal health benefits. Science has proven that drinking water at the right time prevents common problems like fatigue, stomach pains, high blood pressure, constipation, IBS and bloating.

How to Enjoy a Refreshing Drink of Water in the Morning

Drinking water in the morning is proven to treat body disorders, eye-related ailments, and menstrual disorders. You also feel invigorated throughout the day.

  • Drink a glass of water immediately when you wake up. Do it on an empty stomach.
  • Don’t eat any food for the next 45 minutes
  • Don’t drink water two hours after eating breakfast, lunch or your dinner

Reasons to Drink Water Every Morning

1. Increase Your Energy Levels

Drinking water increases your red blood cell count and oxygen amount going into your brain. The oxygen creates more energy and alertness to help you start the morning off well. Starting your morning off by drinking water instead of first taking coffee or tea saves you from stomach acid buildup or reflux. Nutritionists recommend that you drink water first before taking any coffee or food. 

2. Boosts Your Metabolism

Weight loss can be slow for some people and a daunting process. However, boosting your metabolism rate increases the rate at which your body burns calories.   According to, drinking 17 ounces of water gives you an increase in metabolism by 30 percent. Besides, water makes you feel full and removes by-products of fat cells. 

3. Eases Pains and Aches

Water is a known lubricant for joints and also cushions the same joints. Drinking water every morning daily helps remove acid wastes buildup in your body. The water also helps with back pain, arthritis, and joint pain as you feel better during the day.   Plus, it reduces chronic headaches. Most headaches are caused by unintentional dehydration as a result of electrolyte imbalance. Therefore, drinking enough water helps restore electrolyte balance to ease your headache among other pains.

4. Makes Your Skin More Radiant and Complexion Clearer

Drink water on an empty stomach to retain your skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles.   This routine also radiates your skin and makes it look brighter and softer throughout the day. Water pumps and hydrates your skin cells making it look younger. Besides, it moisturizes and replenishes your skin tissues. The flushing out of toxins, improves blood flow and circulation, making your skin glow.

5. Fight Toxins

Drinking water flushes out toxins in your body which can cause harm. When you sweat or urinate, you are eliminating toxins that have buildup in the body. Water cleanses out your colon, making nutrient absorption easier. Besides, water helps your kidney to absorb minerals and produce hormones. The kidney can also efficiently filter blood and produce urine.

6. Cleanses Digestion

Drinking a glass of water in the morning cleanses digestion. Your body flushes toxins. The water soothes your digestive tract, making it easier to eliminate toxins and wastes from the previous day. Water breakdowns and dissolves substances the body has difficulty digesting.

Sufficient hydration in the gastrointestinal tract prevents constipation. When the body is dehydrated, it pulls water from stools leaving your colon dry and you experience difficulty passing waste.

7. Calms Your Central Nervous System and Decreases Stress

Aches, pain, or cramps can make you panic or stress out. Drink water early in the morning to soothe your central nervous system. Water uptake gives you some pain relief and relaxes you. You feel calmer throughout the day. 

8. Improves Blood Circulation

Drink some warm water to boost your blood circulation and get a healthy blood flow.  You will have a peaceful day with relaxed muscles and good movement without any issues. Water makes your muscles strong and works harder and for longer before feeling tired. Plus, water prevents muscle cramping and ensures your joints are well lubricated.

9. Relieves Nasal Congestion

If you have a sinus infection, you can drink warm water to soothe your sore throat due to mucus buildup. You can also inhale warm vapors to loosen the clogged sinus and mucus. It also gives you relief for sinus headaches.


Drinking water in the morning has amazing benefits for your overall health as discussed above. It’s a good practice that should be maintained. Ensure your drink clean water and you can get a good filter like filter pitchers to ensure your water is well-filtered. This allows you to enjoy the full health benefits of drinking water in the morning.

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