How To Easily Improve Your Gaming Experience

December 18, 2020

You are really good at playing your favorite game but something just doesn’t let you hit the top position of the leaderboard?

Well, you are not alone, many players find themselves in similar situations, some of them just drown under the weight of plateau while others simply fail to figure out what exactly that little “something” is. You feel that you are one of those who can’t identify that sought-after kick able to boost your gaming experience, here is some expert advice on how to easily improve the whole thing.


One of the most common reasons for somewhat weak performances is inadequate gear. Of course, every gamer has his or her own starter pack and different preferences but while it is possible to dispute over the bells and whistles of HD monitors or arguing about the best dimensions of oversized mouse pads, one thing is for sure – without a decent chair, reaching your lofty goals is mission impossible. It is not enough to have a product made by a renowned international brand such as GTRACING or DXRacer, because they offer a wide variety of models, and if for someone a certain gt racing chair for gaming is the perfect match, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same model would be the best choice for you. Therefore, it is very important to do a bit of research, check out trustworthy reviews and comments of other players to replenish your setup with a chair able to cater directly to your needs.

As for the aforementioned monitor, high resolution able to deliver crispy graphics and intensive animation is not the only element to look for. The response time is perhaps even more important – make sure your device keeps it under 1ms or otherwise, the lag is just too significant, showing a huge difference between what you are actually doing right now and what you can see on the screen. Additionally, the best monitors in the market available nowadays support high dynamic range or HDR video technology that is in charge of true-to-life colors, as well as AMD FreeSync function intended to significantly decrease screen tearing, shuttering, and a range of other unpleasant glitches.


Now, let’s talk about your gaming ambient and the atmosphere that surrounds you during the play. Do you have a specially designed space where you can freely master your skills and enjoy every moment of engaging adventures? Is it a separate gaming room, a dedicated area in your bedroom, or a desk you shyly squeezed in the corner of the living room, which is the most frequently used place in the entire household? 

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Needless to say, the latter can hardly be considered an ideal solution because all chances are, at least one member of your family throw upon your choice of a pastime, or if anything, you just can’t stay focused on the play when others are talking, laughing, and shuffle back and forth incessantly. So, if your situation fits the description, no wonder you can’t reach your goals. The best way out is to try to arrange a dedicated area in your bedroom or consider adjusting any other available in the house space to your needs like a basement or garage. If this is not an option, invest in the quality headset and glasses to disregard everything that interferes with your play.


Despite what many newbies think, lighting is a very important factor in the whole plot. In fact, it can mean a difference between top scores and near misses. Lighting needs a comprehensive approach based on many elements including the amount of natural light in your gaming room (or at the dedicated spot where your setup is located), the time of the day you usually play, the length of your sessions, and personal preferences in terms the type and quality of light.

If your eyes get tired very quickly, avoid too sharp lights and adjust the brightness of your screen accordingly. Special eye drops are also a great solution in the case of dry eyes – a condition that is inevitable when you deal with screens. Quality gaming glasses are a must because they not only serve to provide an increased size of view but also to reduce blue light, helping mitigate the strain on players’ eyes. 

When it comes to the ultimate gaming experience, there is more to it than just willpower and quick reaction. There are plenty of elements that make a difference between a winner and an average player, and lucky for you, there are easy ways to take your experience to the next level.

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