How To Do A Van Road Trip In Style

January 31, 2023

Most people are persuaded that to have a road van trip they need to give up their job, sell their house and everything they have to buy an extremely expensive van and only then set off on a journey.

That’s why very often they never bring to life this wonderful dream and never experience the feeling of adventure from being on a road trip.

In reality to accomplish a van road trip you don’t have to change your life radically, you don’t even have to purchase a van yourself. You can always take a vacation and rent a van. Even if you decide to share this unforgettable vacation with your big family or friends you can always consider 12 people van rental.

However, be aware of what you are going to do, because a van trip can’t even be compared with any other type of a trip. Thus, if you have ever tried a road trip, have been camping, or even car camping, it doesn’t mean you know the rules of a van vacation. Besides being a comfortable place to sleep, it’s also a way to endless adventure and breathtaking scenery. Such a trip can perform a function of therapy on wheels and freshen your mind and soul.

If the idea of a long car journey causes an image of sweaty seats, long-term shower breaks, and creepy radio sounds in your head, then you definitely should try a van journey to change your mind. Because all these inconveniences are nothing in comparison with the adventures waiting for you during such a trip. Just imagine – rapid change of different home states, clear water and amazing beaches, watching enchanting landscapes out of your window and freedom to discover something new on your doorstep every day. However to make the road travel just what you need and to do everything right you can just know some van road trip tips. 

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Check Your Van before Leaving

It doesn’t matter if you are leaving for the trip in your trusty vehicle or a rental van, check it hundreds of times again and again before setting off to make sure your vehicle is in perfect working condition. While planning a long journey, it would not be superfluous to apply for a mechanic’s advice. It also makes sense to change an oil and have your tires changed. Thus, before hitting the road, take care of the following – tire pressure, water and oil levels, spare tire availability, condition of the brakes, bungee cords and trusty lug wrench presence. 

Don’t Compare Your Journey with Those on Instagram

Looking at a lady wearing a bikini on the roof of a luxury van or a tanned man playing a guitar don’t try to look the same way during your trip otherwise you can easily get frustrated. Always remember that those photos are staged and maybe sponsored. The only real thing in such photos – the location. Therefore, you can peak on Instagram for interesting destinations and inspiration only. Decide what you are eager to visit – tremendous canyons, deserted beaches, rocky and cliffy mountains, amazing waterfalls or something else… This is the reason to open Instagram, otherwise keep it close.  

Choose the Best Van

Numerous factors influence the process of choosing the company to rent a van. Of course, your choice will depend first of all on a budget, location, and desirable facilities. There are plenty of awesome companies providing great campervans for road trips from basic to luxury ones having a toilet and shower. Mind that having your own flushable toilet during long travels is a real blessing! Choosing a van for your trip also necessarily takes into consideration the size of your group and consider different van rental offers. Thus, the sizes range from vans capable of accommodating only a couple of people including a driver; others can even have enough space for a group of 5 people. Such vans usually accept one bed inside and provide an additional pop-up tent located on top of the vehicle. The price you’ll have to pay per day of rent varies essentially depending on amenities available. It is possible to find cheap vans for rent, but naturally, it will be not large and with less useful facilities. 

Pack Only Necessary Basic Things

Of course, you are wondering what to take with you on a van trip. The first and most important advice is not to over pack. Such a journey demands only essentials. Make sure to take a first aid kit and a basic breakdown kit. There also should always be a biodegradable soap, sunscreen and insect repellent at hand. Don’t forget matches, lighter and paper towels. Don’t forget about drinking water – you’ll need around one gallon per person each day. To have warm water while being on the road – a thermos will also come in handy. Mind that to save some place in your van extra water bottles can be substituted with hand sanitizer and wet wipes. Don’t take a lot of clothes with you, but make sure to have enough warm socks, blankets, and several pairs of shoes to match your activities. Be sure to pack some remedies, especially in case you are traveling with children. If someone in your group suffers from carsickness, don’t fail to take good care of it ahead of time – always have some necessary pills at hand. These tips may not be so exciting but they will make your van ride experience so much more pleasant. 

Park Smart or Stay with Locals

Where to park a van? – is the most frequently asked question especially among newcomers. If you want to get something with toilets and garbage bins, then it will be some legit campsite. For booking it you can use such apps like or Hipcamp. If you want to feel freedom from both crowds and charge, then consider numerous no-reservation-required spots. The main advice concerning choosing such places is the beautiful scenery, which will be a huge advantage every morning.

Allow yourself to spend several nights in a host family’s home. Doing this you’ll have the opportunity to meet new interesting people and get some pieces of advice where to go so as not to be missed in the area. For this, you can use the Home Camper website.  It provides information about hosts around you. Thus, you will have a chance to choose a comparatively well-equipped place for the night among other offers.

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