How To Choose A Water Heater For Your Home

January 25, 2021

Your water heater is a significant aspect of your home; it keeps the water warm when you bathe or wash your clothes, among others.

If you’re looking to invest in one or to replace the one you currently have, you need to take note of the criteria for the best water heater for you.

1. Size

Your new water heater should be able to handle the amount of water your whole household uses. Homes that use boilers might also ask, “What size boiler do I need to use as a water heater, too?” The solution is simple. Observe the time your household uses to water the most plentiful. You then record the amount of hot water used at that time.

Measuring the size of your boiler or water heater will vary depending on the type. Typical storage tanks can use the “First Hour Rating” method, which refers to the amount of water your heater can produce in one hour, provided that the boiler is already heated. This amount should match your household’s peak water usage demand. 

2. Type

There are four main types of water heaters:

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  • The conventional kind uses a storage tank that heats the water deposited inside. This type has the advantage of using a variety of fuel sources but can result in higher operating costs.
  • Tankless heaters warm up the water as it flows into the home, saving you some space. The downside to this is the inconsistent water temperatures since its heating efficiency will go down when water demand is high.
  • Heat pump types draw heat not from the use of gas or electricity, but rather draw from external heat sources. This makes it very energy efficient but has higher initial costs.
  • Solar water heaters use the sun’s heat to warm up the water. It’s another energy-efficient option, but it’s only worth the cost if your area has a sunny climate.

3. Fuel

Depending on where you are, you have a number of fuel type options to choose from. The most versatile fuel type is electricity since it works well with most water heater types. The next is gas or oil which can be used by conventional and tankless heaters. Other choices for these two types include natural gas and propane.

Heat pump heaters use geothermal energy while solar-powered ones are, as the name suggests, powered by the sun. Your water heater will use up a fair amount of energy to run, so calculate which type will be the most efficient to manage in the long run.

4. Cost

This refers to both initial costs and operating costs. This means comparing the fuel types available in your area and the type of water heater that you will be getting. You must also consider which water heater can perform the best based on your water demand. Balance the values involved in the other three criteria to get a good idea of your overall maintenance cost.

A water heater can be a great help in your household activities. By keeping these criteria in mind, you can make sure to choose the right water heater that’s both cost-efficient yet high in performance. If you previously owned a water heater, try to explore the other kinds since they might surprise you by offering a more energy-efficient result.


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