How To Choose A Perfect LMS: Useful Tips

September 14, 2021

E-learning is no longer just an alternative way of teaching! It has become a fundamental part of most companies’ training programs.

Since it refers to education, e-learning provides even more advantages when compared with regular training done at the office or by attending seminars and lectures. Here is how to choose the perfect learning management system.

Compare Different Systems

You have options. There are different competing systems, like Kajabi vs Teachable that all have different things to offer. A side-by-side comparison can help you determine which one suits you best. For a more precise analysis, read their FAQs and compare them with your own needs. Start by making a list of providers that suit your needs and compare them. 

Check The Pricing

There is nothing wrong with this. It is normal to be attracted by cheap online courses, especially if you are just starting out and don’t have that much experience yet. Some may offer monthly subscription plans starting from just $5 per month, while others demand annual payments of around $99 with several possibilities in between.  

However, keep in mind that the price may not reflect the quality of the service or its level of professionalism. If you want a good system, do not go for the cheapest option! Instead, focus on what each provider can offer you. 

Type Of Content

The type of content is another crucial aspect – it depends on your goals and target learners’ needs. Some platforms may specialize in video-based content, while others offer academic courses. There are also those aimed at self-learning and those that focus on professional skills.

Make A List Of Your Goals

If you want to create an online course, your list should be based on the objectives of the project. For example:

  • Improve employees’ qualifications by offering them additional training courses; 
  • Educate potential customers and potential recruits; 
  • Sell a product or service through e-learning.

The company’s goals can also play a role in this process. Some people prefer to set up their own system, while others decide to hire experts such as eduCBA for building custom eLearning solutions. Make sure you know what you need before looking for a provider. 

Limited Functionality Is Not Good Enough!

Before investing in learning management software (LMS) you should be clear on what you are looking for. It is important to note that some providers may offer a lot of features but lack certain ones, while others remain more basic. So, compare the functionalities each one provides and see if it offers everything you need before making a decision. 

Marketing/Promotional Tools

A good system has the potential of helping you acquire new students by establishing your brand. You can increase your visibility through social media platforms or use Google Ads to drive traffic to your site. Some systems are also integrated with payment methods like PayPal that help simplify payments for online courses. Thus, check whether they have all these marketing tools available just in case you need them! There are useful options as well – make sure they are the right fit for you. 

Customer Service

Remember to check how users can contact the support team when they need help or have questions to ask about their services. Look out for live chats, email addresses, phone numbers, user forums, and social media accounts in the list of contacts. 

Review The System’s Flexibility

Some systems offer features that allow you to personalize your content. You can choose from different themes or design options, along with more flexible settings that enable easier integration of the learning management software into your current website. As your company keeps growing, its training requirements will change too. Thus, it is essential for great LMS software to possess high flexibility so that it can adapt quickly and easily whenever needed. 

Not only will this improve the aesthetics of your site, but it will also help them navigate through easily. 

Get A Free Trial Period

Before anything else, make sure the system offers a free trial period for its users. You can test their functionality and see if they provide everything you need. As a result, you will gain more confidence in your choice and narrow down the options to just one provider. Check how long the trial lasts and whether there are any limitations or not – all of this should be included in the Terms of Service

After that, it’s time to give the service a try! Once you enter your credit card number, your application will be processed and after a few seconds/minutes you will receive access information by email (usually). You can sign up and start using it right away.

Choose The Right Number Of Users And Courses

Choose an LMS that offers enough seats (or courses) for all members of your team. For example, if there are 20 employees in your office, you should certainly opt for an LMS that provides at least 50 seats (or courses). If the system doesn’t use a subscription model but charges by the number of users, this will help you avoid additional charges later on.

Think about how many students you expect to sign up for each year and make sure there is enough room for them all. It’s better to take these numbers into account before choosing any provider rather than facing problems later because you didn’t have enough seats!

Multiple Platforms And Multiple Languages

You need an LMS that supports multiple platforms. This will give your students the freedom to use any device for taking part in your courses. Moreover, you should look out for features like cloud storage or import/export options that allow them to take their training materials with them wherever they go! 

Additional features are also nice to have – these include support for multiple languages, not only English. It is always better if your LMS supports more languages, as it allows you to expand globally and increase your reach among different cultures at the same time. 

When choosing the right LMS for your company, the most crucial elements to look out for are ease of use and functionality. You need something that is user-friendly enough to help drive conversions in your sales funnel. Check the customer service team’s experience and make sure you can get in touch with them at any time when you face problems. The flexibility of a system is also important, especially if your business grows – changing your LMS shouldn’t be like climbing Mount Everest! Ensure you make an educated decision by reading reviews about different systems before making up your mind. After all these steps, choosing the perfect learning management software should become much easier. Enjoy great features built into convenient systems that will meet all your training needs for years to come.

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