How To Choose A Mobile Phone By Brand?

About a century ago, the widespread use of technology that we experience today was not fathomable.

However, change is perhaps the only constant in life, and in this era of progress, every other person owns a mobile phone, similar to how almost everyone owns clothes or food. From communication to entertainment, mobile phones offer everything. Alongside the surge in their popularity, the competition in the mobile industry has also risen. Many top-notch brands like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia have managed to earn a reputation, and their products educe a variety of responses from the customers. Though this competition drives the brands to offer the best features, it has also made it challenging for ordinary citizens to choose a phone for themselves. If you are among such people deliberating and assessing the brands, a list of mobile phones with prices can significantly help you make the best choice. Besides, this article will guide you about the measures you should take and factors you should consider to find the best brand.

Operating System

More commonly known by the abbreviation OS, an operating system is responsible for conducting miscellaneous operations and maintaining the functionality of a mobile. It works like a mutual platform between mobile owners and the software and hardware resources of the device. When it comes to the most famous operating systems, iOS and Android take the lead. You may have heard of the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, but when most people debate the two brands, they are really talking about the operating system. Each of these has many perks and withdrawals, so make sure you carefully research them before deciding on your brand. For starters, the comparison below can help.

  • Android
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Google initially released it in September 2008. It is highly customizable, easy to navigate, and you can quickly transfer files between two apparatuses. On the other hand, Android undergoes several updates, versions, and testing periods. It may not offer the advanced features provided by Apple.

  • iOS

Apple Inc first developed iOS in 2007, but its fame multiplied some years later. This operating system uses Safari instead of google chrome as the default browser, and Siri rather than Google Assistant. Despite the advancements, iOS devices often have lower battery life than Android, and file transfer is also a more arduous task.


Alongside the operating system, there is a range of other features that you should consider, such as the display size and type. Mobile phones these days come in all varieties, often including different screen sizes. People assess these based on their preferences and needs. For example, a young adult who wishes to watch serials on their screen may value a large display more than an older person who is mainly equipped with phone calls. There are also different types of display, including AMOLED, LCD, and their subtypes. Besides the size and style, it is best if you look into the pixels and screen protection. Many devices also have different modes, such as the dark mode and blue light filter mode. 


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