How To Choose A Gaming Chair For A Big Guy?

September 7, 2023

In the modern world, gaming chairs have long become an integral part of the lives of many gamers.

However, not all standard models are suitable for people with large sizes. So, how to choose a comfortable and reliable chair if you belong to the category of “big” people? Here is a guide to choosing the perfect, extra-wide gaming chairs for big guys to feel comfortable.

1. Maximum load

Carefully study the characteristics of the chair. The main thing to pay attention to is the maximum load. Most standard chairs are designed for weights up to 120 kg, but there are models designed for weights of 150 kg and even more.

2. Chair dimensions

Seat width and depth are important parameters. The chair should be wide and deep enough so that a person can sit comfortably without feeling discomfort.

3. Materials and fillers

Choose chairs with dense and durable materials. With a lot of weight, cheap and thin materials wear out quickly. Opt for high-quality artificial or natural leatherette, which ensures a long service life and ease of care.

4. Adjustments and adaptability

Height adjustment, backrest tilt, adjustable armrests – all this will allow you to adapt the chair to a specific person. The more settings the better.

5. Base and wheels

A metal or reinforced plastic base is much more reliable than standard ones. In addition, choose chairs with large and reliable wheels that will not get stuck and will easily move across the floor.

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6. Reviews and recommendations

Before buying, study the reviews of other buyers with similar parameters. They often point to nuances that may be missed on first inspection.

7. Copy

If possible, try on the chair before buying. Nothing replaces personal experience and a sense of comfort.

Difficulties in choosing a gaming chair for overweight people

Choosing a gaming chair is a task that requires attention and knowledge of the nuances. Particular difficulties may arise in people who are overweight. In this article, we will look at the main problems and recommendations for solving them.

1. Strength and reliability of the design

The main problem for overweight people is finding a chair that can support their weight for a long time. Many standard chairs are simply not designed for heavy loads, which can lead to rapid wear or even breakage.

2. Chair dimensions

Standard chair sizes can be uncomfortable. Insufficient seat width, a short back or narrow armrests can all create discomfort.

3. Lack of models on the market

Most manufacturers are focused on the middle segment of the market, and specialized models for overweight people are available in a limited range. This can make it difficult to find the right model.

4. High cost

Often chairs designed for more weight are made from more expensive materials and have a reinforced structure, which affects their cost. Thus, price can be a significant barrier to choice.

5. Problems with transportation

Due to their reinforced construction and large dimensions, these chairs are often larger and heavier than standard chairs, which can make them difficult to ship and install.

6. No fitting

Specialized models are rarely presented in stores, which makes it impossible to try on a chair before buying and evaluate its convenience.


  • Read the specifications in detail. Pay attention to the maximum load, seat and back dimensions.
  • Look for specialist shops or online platforms that offer chairs for overweight people.
  • Compare reviews of other users with similar parameters. This will help to take into account possible nuances.
  • Do not save on the quality of materials and structural strength.

Most popular gaming chair brands

1. DXRacer


  • One of the first brands to specialize in gaming chairs.
  • A wide range, ranging from budget models to premium chairs.
  • Ergonomic chairs with various adjustments.

2. Secretlab


  • Known for their high quality materials and workmanship.
  • Models are designed taking into account human anatomy.
  • Limited collections in collaboration with various gaming brands.

3. Noblechairs


  • A prestigious brand with an emphasis on luxury and comfort.
  • The use of genuine leather in many models.
  • Sturdy and durable chairs.

4. GT Racing


  • More affordable prices with good quality.
  • Many models are equipped with built-in speakers and massage functions.
  • Wide palette of colors.



  • Balanced combination of price and quality.
  • Models for different categories of gamers: from casual players to professionals.
  • Convenient system of adjustments.


Choosing a gaming chair is a responsible matter, especially if you belong to the category of “big” people. Considering the above recommendations, you will be able to find a chair that will provide comfort and durability even with intensive use. Do not save on your convenience: a quality chair is the key to many hours of exciting gaming without fatigue and back pain.

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