How To Arrange A Fun, Safe And Successful BBQ Party

November 27, 2020

Summer is the perfect season to have barbecue parties. Your backyard is going to be filled with activities, and hosting a BBQ party will be one of those activities. 

Hosting a barbecue party can be intimidating if it’s your first time, but you shouldn’t be stressed out about it. Planning and preparation can help make your barbecue party enjoyable and stress-free. 

Read on as we prepare some tips and advice on how to arrange a fun, safe, and successful BBQ party.

Make All Barbecue Essentials Accounted For

The grill and the smoker are the centers of any barbecue party. The preference of one over the other depends on the user. Some users prefer a grill for fast and convenient cooking. Other backyard chefs prefer a smoker, especially handcrafted smokers, for bringing more taste into their barbecue. In addition to a grill or a smoker, having a durable set of barbecue tools is a must. 

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It is recommended to have stainless steel grilling fork, tongs, and spatula to accompany you in your barbecue efforts for a long time. You should also not forget your basting brush, gloves, and apron. Also, take into account your grill or smoker fuel, like charcoal or gas, and be sure to bring extra fuel for the party.

Decide and Prepare the Food to Be Served

Stick to foods that are easy to prepare and can be grilled quickly to get the party started. Hotdog, hamburgers, sausages, and chicken skewers are your go-to options for the main dish. To make the serving and cooking faster, you can grill or smoke the meat dishes in advance until half-cooked or nearly cooked. This way, you can still serve freshly grilled and hot dishes to your guests and not keep them waiting and not let them turn their attention to your side dishes and appetizers.

Include Side Dishes and Snacks

Barbecue parties are meant to be full of laughter and lively conversations. As the party host, you have to juggle manning the grill or BBQ smoker while also engaging your guests and keeping them entertained. Have a separate table for snacks and serve fruits like berries, watermelon, and other summer fruits, tortilla, potato salad, coleslaw, and pasta salad. They serve to divert the attention of the guests and keep them from crowding your grill so you can focus on your cooking. Also, some light snacks and nibbles can serve to build the festive mood of the party for the guests.

Have Various Drinks Ready for Guests

Remember that you’ll have a variety of guests, and even kids will come along if you invite couples and married friends. Also, there will be girls, women, and teetotalers among your guests, so prepare non-alcoholic beverages for them to make them feel that you are welcoming everyone to the party. Of course, beer and alcoholic drinks are also there for you to enjoy with your close friends. There’s nothing like chugging a cold beer while talking with your friends as you await the sumptuous meals from your smoker or grill. Let the conversations get drawn out as you await second servings of meat dishes like pulled pork rubs, rib rubs, brisket rubs, and other awesome meat cuts for smoking.

Prepare the Eating Essentials

Your party will not be complete if your guests don’t get settled in to eat their food. Get the tables and chairs ready and have the plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and knives available for the guests to have. Napkins, serving bowls, serving spoons, and tongs can let your guests help themselves and feel at home at your party. Don’t forget to have condiments and barbecue sauces ready to entertain the palates of your guests.

There are various aspects of the preparations for a barbecue party. If you can cover all or most of them, you can expect to see a successful barbecue party. Whether it’s a small or large party, what matters is how well you manage your resources and time for preparing for the party. Nothing is more satisfying for a host than receiving compliments at the end of the day for having a great party.

Finally, in this New Normal

Make sure to socially distance up to 6 feet from each attendee and don’t forget to wear your mask before and after eating that great barbecue.

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