How Students Can Easily Keep Their Assignments Plagiarism-Free?

November 18, 2020

Most of the time students don’t pay attention to writing an authentic assignment.

Writing a creative and informative assignment plays a key role in the success of every student.

While writing assignments, students may pick up some lines from the internet to finish their assignment work and submit it.

If a teacher or a lecturer finds any plagiarized content in the assignment work, they have the complete right to take any action against the student.

Plagiarism is unethical and almost every university deals strictly with it.

If a student writes any copied assignment or any other work, he/she has to face the anger of the lecturer.

Many students fail to write an original assignment and lost their assignment marks.

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Most of the students don’t get time to write assignments because of their hectic routine and a heavy load of studies.

Before diving into the discussion on how students can avoid plagiarism in the assignment, they must know all plagiarism types to prevent plagiarized content.

Types of Plagiarism in Assignments

One of the best ways to prevent copied content in assignments is to know all kinds of plagiarism.

Following are the various plagiarism types:

1.   Direct Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism happens when a student directly copy-pastes the content into the assignment.

This includes copying the word-to-word content of another person and writing it in your research work without giving any proper credit.

2.   Mosaic Plagiarism

It occurs when a student uses data from a different source without using quotations.

This type of copyright is more harmful than that of paraphrasing the original content.

3.   Self-Plagiarism

When a student takes any piece of data from its previous research work or assignment, self-plagiarism occurs.

And if a lecturer or professor finds any kind of self-plagiarized content in your assignment, he has the complete right to take any serious action against you.

4.   Accidental Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism happens when you forget to cite the original source of the idea or content.
Accidental plagiarism can also cause some serious consequences on the academic life of the student.

It can occur when a student uses the wrong citation style and doesn’t follow the complete guidelines of adding any citation in the content.

5.   Paraphrasing Plagiarism

It is one of the most common types of plagiarism and it occurs when a student forgets to add the actual source of the work while rephrasing the content.

It can occur in such a way when you read content from a different source and take the main idea to rewrite the original content in your words.

Writing a creative and copyright-free assignment isn’t a big task. Simply follow the described below tips to keep assignments copyright-free.

Tips on how students can keep their Assignments Plagiarism-Free

1.   Conduct your own Research

Make your own research to avoid the copyright content in assignment work.

Simply go through all resources to get maximum information that you can use easily while writing an assignment.

This will help to make new ideas on your own to write original and interesting content.

2.   Keep Track of all Resources

While doing your research, must make sure to keep a record of all sources of information.

Most of the students write copyright content simply by forgetting to add the actual source of the data and present it as their own.

You can easily prevent this by keeping a record of all the required notes and citations to avoid copyright content.

By doing this, you can easily check that where you find a specific sentence phrase or any idea that can you use in the assignment.

This will make assignments authentic, creative, and original.

3.   Add Quotation in the Assignment Work

It is widely used to include authentic informatics from multiple online resources in academic writing.

Quoting means copying someone else’s word to word text in your work.

Also, the quoted text must be presented in your words and must be enclosed in the quotation marks.

When you’re quoting anything in the assignment work, always cite the original source of the content.

Students must ensure that they quote the information in such a way that it doesn’t misrepresent the quoted text.

4.   Paraphrasing in Assignments

Paraphrasing in the assignment work means that you’re using your words to change some data from the different source.

It helps students to get important and useful information from any document.

While paraphrasing, you reword sentences of the original author in your words to make the assignment work unique and original.

Also, in paraphrasing, sentence structure and the phrases of the original author have been rephrased to make new content.

5.   Cite Original Sources Properly

One of the most important and effective ways to avoid plagiarism in assignments is to cite the sources properly.

Every time you write a quote or any phrase, always include an in-text citation

to identify the actual source of information.

In the citation, students add a reference to the original source of information in the research work to avoid copyright content.

Simply cite all the necessary details about an author in the assignment to increase its value.

Students also use the proper citation style to cite the original sources and these styles include Chicago Style to add references properly.

You can also add a useful reference list at the end of the assignment which includes almost every source that you’ve cited in the research work.

Some of the common information of a reference list includes:

  • Author’s Name
  • Date & Year of Publication
  • Title and Source of the work

Last Words

Plagiarism is a very serious offense and all of the students have to prevent it in every academic writing.

Every student must have to cite every single source of the content in the assignment to avoid copywriting.

Students can follow all the mentioned above tips to keep their assignments plagiarism-free.

They can also use quotations and paraphrasing to writing an effective and authentic assignment.

To avoid plagiarism in the assignment, students need to keep a track record of all resources to add in-text citations to the research work.

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