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June 23, 2021

Credit fixing companies help millions of Americans improve their scores every year. is a notable example. It will collect your report, scrutinize them, and challenge any inconsistencies. But will it do this faster than competitors?

In short, it depends. No reputable company can give a definite answer when asked, “how long will it take to repair my score?” There are many variables and uncertainties in this process. According to the latest review, this is one of the most reliable companies in 2021. You can expect your repair to be effective, but the results will not come overnight.

Why It Depends

According to the company’s blog, its average client sees 7% of wrong items deleted monthly. However, every case is different, so you may or may not be able to fix a credit score fast. Reporting errors range from misspelled addresses to completely false events.

The staff will first look at the factors which brought your score down. They will then develop a strategy that may require anything from a few months to a few years, according to the official site. But why is this range so broad?

Here are a few examples. Suppose you have a couple of late payments that never happened. These errors may be remedied quite fast. On the other hand, when there are 10 months of late payments or a bankruptcy, the repair will obviously take longer.

How Mistakes Are Prioritized

Different errors have different lifespans and effects on the score. FICO and VantageScore use a similar combination of factors in a slightly different order to give you a score between 300 and 850. The systems consider:

  • your history of payments,
  • when you started borrowing,
  • how much you owe in total,
  • opening of new accounts, and
  • how many different types of credit you have used (credit mix).

The way you make payments in the past affects 35% of FICO and 40% of VantageScore. A consecutive history of late payments will affect your score for seven years. The same is true for collection accounts. On the other hand, Chapter 7 bankruptcies disappear in only a decade. Generally, the less serious the item — the less it will affect your status over time.

The Process: Overview

After collecting your reports from all major bureaus and poring over them, the company will come up with a customized strategy. This game plan will be tailored to your needs to ensure the fastest resolution. It will include the following.

  • Explanation of the factors behind your current score.
  • Description of components used by different reporting agencies for score calculation.
  • Identification of derogatories that will be challenged on your behalf.

Your own involvement will accelerate the process, so the provider can fix the score as soon as possible. You will need to confirm the items you want to dispute, so the professionals can get down to work. They will interact with your lenders and bureaus to eliminate the errors.

An important advantage of using is its direct relationship with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. It communicates with all major bureaus to achieve the result more efficiently than some rivals. As soon as the mistakes vanish, your score will rise.

The company will also liaise with your lenders to collect evidence and establish the truth. This cooperation is crucial for timely repair. The staff is well-versed in consumer protection laws and any time restrictions involved.

The Bottom Line is a trusted provider of services to borrowers with unfair scores. However, it will not promise you a quick fix, as this is simply impossible. Do not expect such assurances from any repair provider. The team will do their utmost to achieve a quick solution, but there are no guarantees in terms of time.

If there are a couple of derogatories, you are lucky: these mistakes may be removed in just over a month. In other cases, the company might need to work for several months, and the most extreme cases require more than a year!

On the upside, you will get help from real professionals. These experts are committed to the goal of the efficient repair. As a reliable provider, will not guarantee a specific time frame, but you may expect to have 7% of derogatories removed every month.

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