How Do You Practice Staying Low In Football From New York And Beyond?

December 11, 2023

In football, players need to possess agility, speed, and strength.

While these qualities are crucial for success on the field, one often underestimated aspect of the game is the ability to stay low. Staying low in football can make all the difference between a player who dominates the field and one who struggles. 

It enhances a player’s balance, leverage, and overall effectiveness. As such, we will help you explore the importance of staying low in football and the techniques and strategies to help players master this fundamental skill.

The Significance of Staying Low

1. Balance and Stability

Achieving a lower body position enhances stability, making it more challenging for opponents to disrupt your balance. This stability is essential when blocking, tackling, or evading tacklers. Consider implementing the following techniques to teach your football players how to get low and stay balanced with a football chute.

2. Power Generation

A lower stance allows for better leverage, enabling players to generate more power during collisions, tackles, and blocks. This extra power can differentiate between success and failure on the football field.

3. Speed and Agility

Being low allows players to change direction quickly, accelerating and decelerating more efficiently. This agility is invaluable for evading defenders or pursuing ball carriers.

4. Injury Prevention

Staying low helps reduce the risk of head and neck injuries, as players are less likely to engage in high-impact collisions when their head and upper body are in a more protected position.

Techniques for Staying Low

Now that we understand why staying low is crucial, let’s explore some techniques to help players achieve and maintain a lower center of gravity during football.

1. Proper Stance

Offensive Linemen

A balanced stance, knees bent, and weight centered on the balls of their feet constitute the starting position for offensive linemen. This crouched position allows them to explode off the line of scrimmage with power and stay low while blocking opponents.

Defensive Linemen

Defensive linemen should also maintain a crouched stance, with their hands ready to engage with offensive linemen. This stance enables quick reactions and powerful moves at the line of scrimmage.

2. Tackling Technique

Emphasize the importance of keeping the head up during tackles. While this is crucial for safety, players should also focus on bending at the knees and hips to lower their overall body position.

Aim for the midsection or hips of the ball carrier when tackling. This helps you stay low and increases your chances of successful tackling.

3. Agility Drills

Incorporate agility drills into your practice routine to improve your ability to stay low while changing direction. Drills like cone drills, ladder drills, and shuttle runs can help players develop the necessary balance and coordination.

4. Pad Level

Players must be conscious of their pad level. Maintaining a low pad level means keeping the shoulder pads and helmet lower than the opponent’s. This positioning allows for better leverage during blocking and tackling.

5. Core Strength

Building core strength is essential for staying low in football. A strong core enables players to maintain a lower stance for extended periods. Exercises like planks, squats, and deadlifts can help develop a robust core.

6. Visualize and Practice

Harnessing the tool of visualization can lead to notable improvements in performance. Players should mentally rehearse, staying low during various game situations. Repetition is also key, as regular practice reinforces proper techniques.

7. Film Study

Reviewing game footage and analyzing your performance can help identify areas where you need to stay higher. Use film studies to pinpoint specific instances where you can improve your technique.

On A Final Note

Staying low in football is an essential skill that can significantly affect a player’s performance. It enhances balance, power, agility, and safety on the field. Players can work towards mastering this fundamental aspect of the game by following the techniques outlined in this article.

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