How Can You Reverse The Signs Of Aging From Harlem To Hollywood?

May 6, 2020

By Bretton Love

In the past, anti-aging beauty products and treatment methods focused merely on slowing down the aging clock.

These methods worked by preventing any premature wrinkles or lines from forming as there weren’t any convenient treatment options to remove the wrinkles after they had been formed, except through some invasive and very expensive surgical methods. However, nowadays, there are available treatment options for both situations; regardless of whether you want to slow down the aging process or reverse it. Nonsurgical options can be split into three main categories, minimally invasive skin treatments, injectables, and laser treatments that include laser produce other heat-based treatments and personal LED anti-aging devices.

Right here, we will explore some of the best beauty methods that can help drastically in beating the raging monster.

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Steer Away from Physical Exfoliants

Shedding any dead skin cells is essential for the skin to breathe. This helps your skin to look more youthful, radiant, and healthy. Many people fall under the wrong impression that physical scrubs are the way to achieve this job. Many people choose harsh products with big particles. This is the worst thing that you can do to your skin. Big uneven particles can easily cause micro-tears in your skin, even small particles can still irritate the skin, and lead to unwanted side effects in the future. Scrubbing the skin doesn’t only leave room for bacteria, which might lead to adult acne, but it also widens the pores which make them more visible and can also speed up the aging process. These micro-tears can easily turn into fine lines that keep getting deeper with time. This is why it’s best to only use safe chemical peels to exfoliate the skin without irritating or harming the skin tissue. Exfoliating chemicals cause the skin to blister at first, but when it’s healed, you will be able to notice the difference as they remove all unwanted dead skin cells. Eventually, these peels can enhance the production of collagen to improve your skin elasticity, reduce fine lines, remove acne scars, and help with skin discoloration caused by sun damage. 

Non-Invasive Skin Treatments 

These treatments are considered to be the best non-invasive proven methods for reducing fine lines and protecting the skin against premature wrinkles. Skin treatments include apple stem cell, chemical peels, that we have already explained, derma rolling, and micro-dermabrasion. The latter two methods have the same working principle. Originally, the derma rolling method is indigenous to ancient China where they believed that the jade stone had natural healing properties. Recent trends in the beauty world show a renewed interest in these old techniques. These skin treatments work by causing controlled minimal damage to the skin, which forces it to produce enough collagen to repair the damage. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity which can instantly show huge progress. These treatments and a variety of services that are readily available nowadays, will not only reduce fine lines, but they can also remove acne scars, minimize the appearance of pores, help with cellulite, and result in a more glowing youthful-looking skin. When these skin treatments are combined with vitamin C, A, or Hyaluronic Acid, they help in refining skin texture by removing flaky dry, dead skin cells, trapped bumps caused by excess oil production, and smoothen out the skin.


Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have created waves in the beauty world. If you don’t have enough money to get surgeries done, you can easily resort to these options to get similar results. These include dermal fillers, muscle relaxers, liquid facelifts, and fat-melting processes. These beauty treatments show faster, instant even, resulting in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and minimizing the appearance of skin impurities. Traditionally, dermal fillers focused only on injecting collagen to enhance skin elasticity. But nowadays, there are other options such as Hyaluronic Acid, which has proven its effectiveness in promoting collagen production with its permanent anti-aging effects. Muscle relaxers, on the other hand, don’t necessarily improve the skin texture or tone, they rather work by paralyzing the muscles. This technique can instantly relax your muscle to give your skin a smoother appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Facelifts depend on combining dermal fillers with muscle relaxers for maximizing the effect of the treatment. Lastly, fat-melting works by using injections to break the skin fat down and force it to be absorbed into the body. This treatment is targeted for people who suffer from sagginess under their chins.

The huge advances and leaps that science has taken in the beauty world are incredible. Nowadays, we don’t have to resort to the same old cosmetics procedures to stop the aging clock. You can easily find many affordable treatment options with short downtime; some you can even make yourself at home. However, you need to invest some time and effort to find out what your skin needs to decide on the best treatment for your skin.

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