How Can Regression Test Automation Boost Software Quality In Harlem And Beyond

January 11, 2024

Regression testing is a popular type of testing used in the software development process.

The literal meaning of regression testing is going back or just regressing to the relevant code. However, it is important to make sure that any new feature or functionality does not adversely affect the application. 

In another way, regression testing also assures that every functionality works better even after making changes in the application.

Regression testing plays a key role in Enterprise resource planning( ERP) related applications; it helps in making regular updates. 

What is Automated regression testing? 

Automated  Regression testing is performed when certain changes in code appear on the application. The changes can occur in regard to new features or may be due to certain bug fixes. 

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However, there is a high probability of damaging the functionalities by attaching recent features or even bug fixes, which might lead a developer to perform involuntarily and affect key parts of the system. 

The testers are used to re-evaluate the performance of the products and note changes in the code to prevent damage or the entry of disturbing bugs.

If you skip this step, then the bugs will remain undiscovered in the application and thus cause serious damage.

In this  article, we will discuss some ways in which Regression Test Automation can boost Software Quality: 

Quick Automation:

The common characteristic of regression testing is previously evaluated correct tests that can have defects and errors.

Such differences or defects are small and sometimes go unnoticed. Thus, it takes a lot of work to catch them virtually. 

Additionally, for conducting consistent regression at any scale, you have to be accurate and precise.

The method of Manual regression testing carries a high chance of causing errors and defects. 

Sometimes, unknowingly, people click on the wrong key or just back out of the sequence. This is why manual regression testing is referred to as “pseudo-regression testing.” It has zero accuracy in the process. 

Further, it results in skipping differences between varied forms of tests. 

Emphasise on Key Functionality: 

The  Automated Regression testing is easy and simple, with a hint of confirmation on the process.

At times, the tests are easy to conduct and may appear insignificant. However, these functions can be important functionality used to increase the utility of an application. 

For instance, use a word processing application in which certain features like spelling evaluation and adding documents may appear complicated. Still, these functions hold less importance in the processing of the application. 

Comparatively, the functions like forming a document,  restoring a document, printing documents and even opening documents are really very important, 

In case these functions fail to work properly, then it’s nearly impossible to perform standardised functions. 

Hence, the simple and crucial functionalities in automated regression testing are highly valued. 

Create A Capable Test Data Source: 

The capability for conducting repetitive automated regression testing rests upon collecting test data that can be arranged repetitively. 

However, test data creation and management are things that are often not included with most test automation solutions but must be included in some way.

Adopt  Replicable  Processes: 

Automated regression testing is thoroughly dependent upon consistency. However, such a level of repeatability takes a lot of work. 

During the performance, make a comparison between two regression tests performing the same function. Then, these tests should be conducted closely in the same way. 

However, there can be great differences because of changes in the new version, but the objective is to be consistent in the process. 

Control the Scope of Regression testing.

Initially, the scope related to regression test automation regression testing may appear draining to the users. 

There are a bunch of functions with a limited time to form and perform tests and evaluate tests.

In test automation, the time for creating and maintaining tests becomes essential in many cases.

Fixing easy targets for regression testing can be an efficient move that can help you grow and develop. 

Initially, you can begin with  60  regression tests. You can notice growth within a short time.

Additionally, a small amount can help you to adjust the process earlier before investing a large amount or wasting time and energy. It is better to perform 60 regression tests earlier rather than taking the risk of 1000 regression tests. 

Obviously, these numbers are only used for illustration. You just have to edit your scope on the basis of your own resources, tools, abilities and so on. 

Create Effective Tests:

The idea of performing a particular number of tests can be confusing, and the main concern is the level of efficiency carried by tests. 

Many people are misled by the idea that tests are automated, So the number of tests can be ignored.

However, the process demands an adequate amount of time for the smooth running of automated tests. 

You have to analyse failures and assert control on the tests.  This helps in observing meaningful tests that are comparatively more effective than that of a heavy amount of tests conducted at a stretch. 

A variety of test design tools are available, particularly for test designs. Once it’s created, the test cases can be imported into popular test execution automation tools.

It is essential to understand that even test design tools are used to conduct efficient test cases for regression testing. Then, you have to describe the expected results in test generation tools manually.

However, efficient tests are significant, and it is recommended that the critical and efficient functions of the tests be discovered.


Regression testing is viewed as a tool for the development team to improve the background of a project, assuring increased user retention rates and reducing potential tech-related debt.

It covers a broad range of third-party tools. Regression testing might seem tough, but it is completely easy and simple. 

An efficient regression testing strategy involves understanding a few domains, like how to automate and prioritise test cases, analyse their execution and comprise descriptive test summary data.

Do you have your pro tip for boosting software quality? Drop your tips in the comment box.

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