House Moves And Interior Design: Quick Tips For Interior Design During A House Move

June 11, 2021

If you’ve just decided to conduct a house move, then congratulations! 

A house move is one of the best things you can do in life, especially if you want to open a new chapter in your life journey by yourself, with a partner, or with the rest of your family. After all, a house move finally allows you to access better work, better school, and other opportunities as a whole. In turn, it also makes sense for you to think about how your home might look to “complete” this transformative process. Thing is, with the many things you have to do for your house to move, pulling off your favorite interior design ideas might not work out the way you want to.

However, just because a house move is potentially stressful doesn’t mean there’s no way to pull off your interior design move. In fact, your house move schedule is the perfect time for you to pull off your inner interior designer! Here are some ways to make everything work out for your needs:

  • Submit your documentation and necessary requirements as soon as possible. If you’re planning a house move or interior design changes, chances are you’ve got to submit some requirements first. From the perspective of your house move, you need to secure home ownership documents and requirements such as permits for moving companies and even insurance during their operations. Likewise, on the design front, you might need to secure construction permits to ensure that any heavy renovations on the inside of the home have the right paperwork. Doing these two things can ensure there’s not going to be any trouble with regards to your move at large. 
  • Manage your inventory to assess your needs. Once you’ve gotten your requirements out of the way, you need to assess your inventory to identify your needs. From the perspective of the house move, an inventory check is a great way to identify things you own that you want to keep, sell, or even throw away. By the time you have the list of things you’re bringing to your new home, you at least have an idea of the “general look” your new home will have based on these items. This gives you a lot of visual space to work with, especially when it comes to designing new motifs for your home.
  • Create a design motif and stick with it throughout the process. With the items you currently have, try to make a design motif using visual boards and other design media to identify a look you want your home to achieve. By the time you get this motif, you’ll be able to identify if there are any more items you need to discard, replace, or even modify to “fit” the ideal home you want. Doing this while assessing your inventory and before you start buying things for your packing process will enable you to make the necessary adjustments. A professional interior designer can easily pull this off. This is the answer to the question, “​​Why hire an interior designer?”. 
  • Purchase things for both your packing process and your design. By the time you’re going to get things for your packing process, you might want to buy things you need for your design as well. This is an important stage in the process, as this allows you to buy things during the same trip. Moreover, you’ll also be able to see items physically or at least visually (if you’re buying online), so you’ll have a more concrete basis of whether these furniture, items, and accessories you’ve checked out are worthy additions to your new home. 
  • Hire professionals to ease the burden on the moving process or interior design process. If you’re having trouble synchronizing your moving schedule, your interior design commitments, and your daily routine, you might want to consider hiring professionals to help you out. This all depends on what you want to currently focus on. For instance, you might want to hire the best moving company in NYC to help you secure the fundamentals of your move so you’ll have more than enough time to work with your interior designs. Likewise, you can hire designers to ensure your home looks great by the time you secure your requirements. If budget permits, you may also consider hiring professionals from both industries so you can focus on your other day-to-day commitments. 

House Moves And Design: Make Them Work For Your Family!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to reconsider and remember that it’s perfectly possible for you to combine house moves and interior design. In fact, with the above tips, it might be possible for you to incorporate your interior design process with your house move – especially since a lot of processes related to these concepts can blend well with each other. If you use the right approach and the right kind of planning, you may just be able to make a house move efficiently and flexibly enough to accommodate your interior design needs.

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